Delete Data Permanently On Windows And Support Privacy Concerns!


Data privacy is not some buzzword of the 21st century. It is an important aspect of our lives now, like every other fundamental right and other privacy concerns. We are surrounded by data all the time and the rate at which data becomes obsolete is faster than ever in the workplace. Although the rate is not that high when we come to personal computing usage, we can surely agree on the fact that the need for storage has increased a lot over the past. With the increase in data usage, the increase in the importance of data security and data privacy has increased manifold.

What happens when you delete data on Windows?

If you feel that when you delete items from the computer and the recycle bin - they are permanently deleted, then you are wrong. When you press the delete button on your Windows PC and then click delete in the recycle bin later, the pathway or link to that data block is removed. It means that when you navigate to the place where the old data was stored, you won’t notice anything. It will appear as a free space for you. When you enter new data, the Windows OS can delegate it to that same space where the data was earlier.

The loophole

This is a vulnerability that scammers and amoral people might take advantage of and use some techniques to retrieve the data. Although it’s a lengthy process, it is not impossible. If that happens, you are looking at a huge financial setback. If that data storage device/space contained work-related documents and sensitive information, serious damage to your reputation cannot be kept out of the books.So, whether you are an individual or a company, you must invest in this application to remove all sorts of issues related to data deletion.

How are you benefitted?

iShredder Windows will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Easy setup: iShredder Windows just requires you to open an account after you have downloaded the software. Works on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and even Windows XP.
  • Conforms to global data privacy norms: iShredder Windows is EU-GDPR(European Union General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. It asks for keeping detailed documentation of deleted data, as well as the secured removal of obsolete data.
  • EClass-leading data deletion process: When you delete some data with this software, it overwrites the memory space with several passes’. The overwriting process is done several times and with random memory values so that data retrieval cannot be done!
  • Supports all forms of storage: Be it your external or internal hard drive, or hard drive memory partitions or the nimble flash drives, or even an extremely fast solid-state drive, you can delete data securely without damaging the drives. You can securely cut and paste data too!


iShredder Windows has won the trust of millions of people all over the world. Government agencies and military personnel have also liked this product! You can go to sleep with peace resting your privacy concerns aside.