High-Security Camera Guard, Just A Click Away!


You must come across a lot of people and media that say how privacy is important to us, and you cannot help but think about how you might fare if you are ever a victim of an event when your privacy is compromised. Although privacy is like a fundamental right that can be enjoyed by all of us, people or groups of people always exist who like to budge in on that. It might be your work administrator, any government agency, any other private agency, or a company. You will never know why you are a target in the first place. Even if we keep those high stakes out of our viewpoint, how would you be able to tell if the product you use records your data to be used for bettering it. What if, instead of bettering the product, the company sells it to companies who can benefit from youtube showing ultra-personalized advertisements, which might make you think that even your parents were not as right as these advertisements for your purchase preferences.

How can you be under surveillance without your knowledge?

When it comes to surveillance on the internet, it does not bear a big hoarding stating “You’re under surveillance”/”You’re being watched” like that in a mall or shop with CCTV cameras. It is done silently, and the person who is being watched will never get the idea that he/she is being watched. It can be done very simply. A trojan/malware attack on your computer, or someone with a lithe script that prevents the LED beside your webcam to be turned on when you are being recorded. That’s spooky, right? Also, using the microphone is easier, it does not have any notifying feature like that of a webcam’s LED! Thus, without any knowledge, you will be watched - for days, weeks, months, and maybe even years! No one would know what the consequences could be. You might be scammed of your finances, your private life might be leaked - there’s so much that can happen!

The solution

Although the implications of such an event are frightening, there is a remedy to that. PROTECTSTAR’s Camera Guard application is the product you should be looking for! It has been widely acclaimed by people all over the world about how secure it is, and how it really protects your privacy in the digital world. This product’s features include:

  • Webcam and microphone blocker: No malware or trojan or hacker can get past this. If these components are disabled until the user interferes and opens them up for work, they are completely inaccessible!
  • Block apps: If you use a shared network, you can set a PIN for your applications so that unauthorized access is easily revoked.
  • Easy installation: Just a running computer, 50 MB of space, and an internet connection are all you need to get started with this application.
  • Ransomware protection: This software also defends your computer from ransomware.

Prevention is always better than the cure, hence you should get on board, and guarding your privacy will be just a click away!