Looking for the Best Android Security Scanner and Identity Protection App? Your Search Ends Here!

The term “Malware” is a shortened form of the word malicious software. We use this name to classify the malicious activity as a Code/Program/File string that disrupts or damages normal device functioning. These harmful pieces of code steal sensitive user information, demand ransom, or provide an external agent incessant access to user data for misuse.

Malware is often distributed over digital networks. This is because there are too many malware variants in circulation like spyware, ransomware, trojans, etc. Traditionally, the malware was delivered as email attachments. Whereas, currently, social media channels and instant messengers are employed to infect android mobile devices quickly.

Android malware strains are changing over time to escape detection by anti-malware apps. Regardless of the malware type and detection rate, users must find a solution to keep their Android devices clean. The best option users have is to install a brilliant android antivirus security app.

We have been exploring many android antivirus apps off late, and would like to share our best pick with all of you. Antivirus AI Android app by PROTECTSTAR has been on the top of our list. We mention this app’s privileged features here for our readers to know.

  1. This Protect star product is based on artificial intelligence technology that acts as an android vaccination against malware. It is a real-time app that monitors android devices round the clock and discerns any potential threats trying to gain device entry. On coming across a suspicious piece of code, the antivirus app transmits its details to the AI cloud for analysis.
  2. If the suspicious element is declared a threat, then remedial measures are undertaken on the device on which it was found. Concurrently, all android devices that harbour AI antivirus apps are vaccinated for the new threat. Thus, AI antivirus serves as the best antidote for malware infections.
  3. AI antivirus is pretty unique in the sense it diagnoses malware signatures accurately. Fortunately, even slight deviations from the traditional malware patterns and signatures can't evade its AI Scanning Engine.
  4. This app through dynamic deep detection needs little time to spot the risks and erasethem, so users’ android smartphones are protected. Typically, it takes less than a few milliseconds.
  5. AI antivirus is an ideal app to guard android devices against complex persistent threats and trojans, even in those belonging to the state authority.
  6. It incorporates a self-learning technology that functions in real-time and voluntarily observes and analyses irregularities in patterns/processes/authorisation.
  7. Users who have nurtured a fear of espionage threats from government or law enforcement agencies may use AI antivirus to protect their data. Additionally, android devices with this app are shielded from spyware too.
  8. AI Threat Prevention prevents malware invasions and stops infections dynamically. 
  9. A brilliant solution to save users from the hacking menace. AI antivirus provides you with a summary of compromised websites and the user data fields that have been leaked. It also alerts the users about the new hacking threats.
  10. Users may continue to use the antivirus apps already installed on their android device along with the AI antivirus for increased security.
  11. Users may install the free edition and explore the app. Also, users may upgrade to the pro edition based on their requisites and app experience. The business edition will be launched soon!

Being proactive helps when users are spending too much time on the android mobile platform. Users must not give in to malware attacks for one reason: to shield themselves from the repercussions of taking such a risk. Get the “Antivirus AI Android” app on your android phone to experience extra device and data security levels.