Put An End To Digital Espionage With This Android App!

Cybersecurity and the protection of integrity in the cyber world is gaining more importance now. This growth in importance can be attributed to the fact that a lot of data is being exchanged on the internet. Things might be personal or professional. Nevertheless, no leak should ever occur because the internet is supposed to be a digital fortress. Yet, scammers exist and they are always on the look out for vulnerabilities and even develop some tools or softwares themselves so that they can exploit such vulnerabilities.

Thus, it becomes important for us to take steps and see to it that such penetrations do not occur or they are prevented. But the softwares we use or the protective solutions we assure ourselves of, how can we know if they are genuine or not? What gives us the right to confirm that such apps are trustworthy? What if these apps themselves create those vulnerabilities or leak our data secretly?

Or even if we do not debate such possibilities, the existence of security certificates are little to none. Thus, your phone can easily become the breeding ground for spyware and malware Just like real-life spies, a normal antivirus for your Android phone can neither detect its entry or get a hold of its presence. Such kind of behaviour is completely unwanted but there is little that can be done, unless you have this app on your phone!


You might be thinking that if usage of such apps were advocated against, then how are we suggesting alternate apps? Well, every app is not the same and speaking from experience, PROTECTSTAR’s Anti-Spy app does a sweet job of protecting your device from such malware and spyware. It has advanced heuristic engines that can detect multiple types and forms of malware and spyware. In fact, it has been trusted by millions of Android users all over the world. The features offered in its free version are:

  • Free protection against apps that have intentions of digital espionage.
  • AI-based engine: The software has an inbuilt security component that runs with the aid of artificial intelligence, which helps it detect spyware and malware faster and thus remove them or take the necessary steps.
  • Anti Malware: The Anti Spy app proficiently detects malware. Malware refers to software that is specifically designed to corrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system or multiple such systems.
  • No rooting required: Advanced protection does not require you to root your phone or grant system permissions.
  • Whitelist apps: The user can add trusted apps to an exception list so that it does not flag the same thing several times while it’s scanning for spyware and malware.
  • Other perks: It can detect the spy apps that have components for monitoring the user inside them. Detection of spies, SMS, and GPS trackers as well as monitoring apps is also done.

There is a premium version of this app as well, with more features! By more features, real-time protection is being referred to. Also, you can schedule scans anytime which will run on their own on the designated date and time.


Thus, it is safe to vouch for PROTECTSTAR’s Anti Spy app for Android. Download it and use it, it is promised you won’t regret it. After all, a million customers all over the world have voted this as a 5 star product!