Securely Wipe Files And Permanently Delete Data On Windows!


If you consider yourself highly concerned about data security and you want to prevent yourself from being paranoid over data theft, then you must understand the importance of why data deletion must be a permanent phenomenon. If you are a Windows PC user, then you must know about a hideous little mechanism that Windows employs for unknown reasons when you delete a file. You might think that having loads of antivirus software and deleting unnecessary files will benefit your computer a lot but you might be completely delusional in this case. You might notice that as of now, we consume and interact with a lot of data in your day to day lives. We have so many flash drives, hard disks, external solid-state drives with ourselves because we always face a crunch of digital storage space. So, if someone gains access to those without your knowledge, even after you have deleted the data, how would you feel?

The frustration of data theft!

Without an ounce of doubt, you would face frustration and feel terribly angry if someone uses data that you had deleted against you. Let us consider the case when you buy a new hard drive, and sell the old one after formatting. How would you feel if the buyer turns out to a scammer who retrieves all your data on that hard drive, even after you had formatted it? This would happen exclusively due to a certain way in which Windows handles the data deletion process.

When you delete something in Windows and even ‘permanently’ from the recycle bin, it does not actually get deleted. What happens is - Windows deletes the path to that data block. When you go back and check for that old data, you won’t see it, because the path does not exist. Anyone would certainly think that the data has truly been deleted forever. But that is not the reality. New data can be overwritten at the same place and a scammer will know his way around and retrieve the deleted data, as stated before in the case of the hard drive.

How can you stop these events from happening?

You won’t have to be a superman or a hacker or some cybersecurity expert to stop such scams from happening. If you have a Windows PC and an unmetered internet connection, you are good to go. You can download iShredder Windows software easily and start using it just after opening an account. This software has been trusted by millions of people worldwide. This software also has the trust of military personnel and government agencies for what they do. The app conforms to all global data privacy norms including the EU-GDPR norms. When you delete some data with this software, it overwrites the memory space with several ‘wipes’ or ‘passes’. The overwriting process is done with random memory values so that retrieval of data is impossible. You can use it to wipe entire hard drives, memory partitions, securely cut and paste data, and just so much more.


iShredder Windows app will give you the best possible data-deletion mechanisms, and it’s guaranteed that you won’t ever let go of this application when it comes to permanent data deletion.