Send that spyware to quarantine with this android app.

With the change of times and technological revolution, we all need our phones and laptops almost every time, coming up quarantine when we all are stuck inside our houses. We depend more on the devices which are connected to the internet. One thing that we are not really aware of it’s that when we are surrounded by technologies, we ourselves are getting stalked and can be hacked anytime. The need for protection is not only needed outside of our homes but also inside where we kept all our secrets.

When we use our mobile phones, there are a certain type of website, apps or pop-ups which are connected to spyware and if we click on then by mistake the result would be a hijack of our device and all its information.

What is spyware?

Spyware is a kind of virus to your device which can literally leak all kinds of information. When this spyware gets into your devices they secretly run behind the screen and the users won’t be even able to know that there's a kind of spyware in their phone.

They suck out every kind Of information from pictures to passwords, important emails, call logs, accounts, banking accounts, etc and can leak the information or even give it to the hackers.

Spyware is described as malware -malicious software designed to gain access to or damage your computer, often without your knowledge. Spyware affects the whole economy and businesses too because it is correlated with the increase of cybercrime.

  • A total of 978 million people in 20 countries were affected by cybercrime in 2017.
  • Victims of cybercrime globally lost $172 billion.

Therefore with recognition of the increasing threat which this can cause protect star launches this amazing app which can give you an easy and fast solution for your android devices.

This app also recognize different type of spyware -

1. Adware. This type of spyware tracks your browser history and downloads, with the intent of predicting what products or services you’re interested in. It is because of this we get advertisements for the products which we like.

2. Trojan. This kind of malicious software disguises itself as legitimate software, it can give access to the third party such as credit card information number, etc.

3. Tracking cookies. These track the user’s web activities, such as searches, history, and downloads, for marketing purposes.

4. System monitors. This type of spyware can capture just about everything you do on your computer. System monitors can record all keystrokes, emails, chat-room dialogs, websites visited, and programs run. System monitors are often disguised as freeware.

What spyware does to your device?

  • Your device is slow or crashes unexpectedly.
  • Your device is running out of hard drive space.
  • You get pop-ups when you are online or offline.

How can this app protect you from spyware?

These apps are specially designed to detect and remove the spyware or even the apps which have the spyware in them.

They detect the SMS and GPS trackers and check all the processes internally.

They also detect the known spyware that is mostly users by our law or government.

Their engine is based on artificial intelligence with hue rustic search methods.

The best part about Protectstar’s spyware detector app is, that it’s free of cost and not much investment is needed to protect your device.