Shred Your Data On Windows, And Your Worries Now with iShredder Windows!


The average human on earth is surrounded by data. Data is being used everywhere, be it for a commercial purpose or personal use. Data is being relied on more than anything else. With such a model, it can be deduced quite easily that some data become obsolete over time and must be deleted. However, that might not be the case with the Windows system because it has slightly different ways of deleting data. In reality, your data might be vulnerable and prone to attacks even after you have ‘deleted’ the data.

What happens on a Windows PC during data deletion?

On a Windows PC, when you press the ‘delete’ button, the item is moved to the recycle bin. The user then proceeds to delete the item from the recycle bin. Windows prompts the user that the item will be deleted forever. But the truth is that the item is not deleted forever. Windows just removes the path to that data block. One can overwrite files in the same sector once this apparent deletion process is completed.This opens up the way for security breaches, as someone who wants to get a hold of your data will go the extra mile to retrieve your data even when it has been ‘deleted’.

What should you use to save yourself?

With iShredder Windows application, you can shred your data completely and permanently. Just like paper shredders that are used in offices which strip unwanted documents into minute bits and pieces that can never be joined together, this application deletes data in such a way that retrieval is impossible. Not only that, it has the following features like:

  • European General Data Protection Regulation norms compliant data deletion: The data deletion algorithms of this application conform to the norms of the ‘European General Data Protection Regulation’. The norms state that data that is of no use must be securely and permanently deleted from all systems and servers. The deletion must also bear detailed documentation so that a verification process can be performed later.
  • Confirmation reports: After the deletion is done, the application generates reports for the user that are auditable. The user can check them anytime to know that the deletion was permanent and not some gimmicky feature.
  • Multiple overwrites: The deleted data space is overwritten multiple times by the application to remove any possibility of data recovery. The deletion algorithms make several ‘passes’ to obliterate any traces of old data. Since the algorithms run multiple times and overwrite old data with random memory values, it becomes impossible to retrieve the old data.
  • Secured data movement: An added perk! Any computer user makes use of the copy-paste and cut-paste process frequently. This application makes sure that after cut-pasting data, the free space is actually free. No provisions for data retrieval are left after the data has been moved to another directory.

You can shred all your worries related to permanent data deletion using iShredder Windows application!