The Best Spyware Protection App For Android Is Here!

Phones have become a part o not only our lives but also of the time in it. Can you recall a time when you did not have your phone in your hand? The majority of the phone users are on the Android ecosystem, given the fact that they are much more affordable. You get a lot more features for a lot less amount of money. However, the Android operating system is famous because they are not that secure! They are often tinkered with to the extent that even the installed software is wiped out to put some other software based on Android in place. Although Android offers customizations to the core, it is one of those reasons why Android is not secure at all. And even if someone does not tinker with them that much, still spyware can enter your phone via other ways.

The need for anti-spyware?

We use our phones for a variety of tasks. Online meetings, online classes, video conferences, video chats, document sharing using social media, and in between phones using a WiFi hotspot, sharing photos and videos, emailing text, sharing and emailing presentations, we get a lot done on our phones. However, all of this sharing and caring is a great path to let spyware enter. You will not have an idea about it, but one of those many emails that you open on behalf of work - so that you might not even miss out on anything - might be spyware with a client’s disguise. You might even click the links attached and start your work - but all that it takes for spyware to creep into your system and start working is that ‘click’!

How to avail protection?

We click on a lot of things on our phone without even thinking about what might be the effect of it. It can be the link to some funny image or text or a message from a friend that was sent via WhatsApp or some kind of link that promises assured instant cash rewards after a short and quick survey. In every case, spyware can creep into your system. Thus we must get protection in a place like PROTECTSTAR’s Anti Spy app for Android. It has a ‘Pro’ version that promises some extra features for users who choose to pay a bit more money.

Features of Anti-Spy Android app

The features of the Anti-Spy Android app from PROTECTSTAR are:

  • No rooting required: A better grade of protection does not require you to unlock the bootloader or to root your phone.
  • Free protection: Get free protection against espionage apps, with more protection against more such apps if you pay for the Pro version.
  • Better threat detection: The security engine is based on artificial intelligence with heuristic search methods that can get a hold of more suspicious software.
  • Anti Malware features: Detects spyware and various types of malware.
  • Detection of known spy apps that are often used by governments or law enforcement agencies.
  • Detection of spies, SMS, and GPS trackers as well as monitoring apps.
  • Detects hidden and disabled spies.
  • Detection of spam messages: Messages often contain suspicious links and spyware. Anti Spy Android takes all measures necessary to eliminate them.
  • Whitelist: Adding trusted apps to an exception list so that it does not flag the same thing several times while scanning.


With this app from PROTECTSTAR, Android cannot be called a less secure operating system anymore. You will get 360° protection against all kinds of spyware and adware threats.