The reason why you need Protectstar's android firewall app

Most of the security protection applications you have used so far take up too much space in your phone and have a battery consumption rate. After all these, constant update notification keeps buzzing the phone, and it is frustrating. No matter what, you need to have a security application; otherwise, if you don't have security, your smartphone will be exposed to all sorts of spying threats.

Protectstar has strategically designed a beautiful application that can protect your smartphone from such threats. The application is Firewall AI Android. Let's check out the features of the application in detail.

18 striking features of Firewall AI Android application;

  1. Reduce the consumption of mobile data
  2. Reduce battery consumption
  3. No root required
  4. Supports the protocols IPv4, IPv6 TCP / UDP
  5. Password protection
  6. Live view of current data connections
  7. Insights into network traffic through apps that access the internet
  8. Block background and system apps
  9. Firewall filter lists Standard
  10. Artificial Intelligence Engine Standard
  11. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Standard
  12. Firewall logging
  13. Automatic updates of the artificial intelligence engine
  14. Control over all installed apps
  15. All network connections routed through the own firewall VPN access point
  16. Create custom firewall rules
  17. Enhanced firewall protection against outgoing connections
  18. All traffic is controlled by the firewall (Firewall is based on Linux iptables)

All these features will quickly help you protect and control all the applications in your smartphone, Fend off Cyber Attacks with Artificial Intelligence, Easily Block Apps from doing any unethical activity, and protect them from the FBI, CIA, NSA & Co. This application provides a huge bandwidth of protection. Almost all the features in the application are available for free only a few of them are available for the paid user. Protectstar provides a vast array of options when it comes to security, so their one security solution for everyone.

Few other fasting things about this application is that it does not collect any information from the user's device. They occupy minimal space in the smartphone and reduce battery consumption, making this application most convenient for use.

Protectstar has been designing security programs since 2004, and their customer highly recommends their product. Their motto is "Shaping security", and they stand by it. They provide top-level security services in the market, and they highly value their customer and design products precisely according to customer's needs. So when you use a Protectstar application, there is no need to worry about any kind of threat.

Cyber-threats, spyware, malware are all actual. You may not be able to see them, but they exist. It is essential to acknowledge the fact and take care of your smartphone and other devices. This type of spyware complex to detect one they enter your smartphone but with Firewall AI Android in your smartphone, nothing like that will happen. It will detect spyware and notify the user instantly so that issue can be resolved with the application's help. Moreover, this is a fascinating application that provides fantastic perks and benefits, and it's worth considering. So go ahead and install this application and experience the usefulness of the application on your smartphone.