Thinking About Buying a Top End Android Mobile Security Suite? We Have Got You Sorted!

A lot of advanced android malware discovery and analysis tools are available in the market. However, while some malware varieties are straightforward to detect, like ransomware, a few other types are tough to pinpoint.

With ransomware, it leaves sufficient trails that help users stay informed regarding the existence of a threat. Users would instantly know its presence upon encrypting the data files. In contrast, spyware may plant itself quietly onto an android device and permit malicious user access to your system.

Whether or not users are aware of the attack, considerable damage is bound to happen if they ignore the event. It is precisely for this reason android mobile device users must install an extra layer of security as an antivirus app.

We present the “Antivirus AI Android” app by PROTECTSTAR to help you combat these deadly threats. AI antivirus is the perfect antidote for malware, spyware, ransomware, and espionage attacks. Read on to know its chief functionality.

  • AI antivirus is a dynamic app product that scans your android device in real-time to monitor suspicious activity and catch malware threats on its net. Whenever the AI algorithms encounter a new malware attack, they conduct deep analysis and alert the rest of the android devices across the world (of course, devices sheltering the AI antivirus app) about the new threat on block. An effective vaccination against malware.
  • The AI scanning engine also instantly updates the protection modules and quickly fixes the threat, so it doesn’t pose a danger to the user data on the android device.
  • AI antivirus employs AI-powered revolutionary technology to detect potential and actual malware threats. As a result, it takes only a few milliseconds to sort out your android device’s malware issues.
  • It is an ultra-modern product that carefully examines and isolates threats even in the state authority agencies. Safeguards against state trojans.
  • AI antivirus employs a real-time self-exploratory model that instantaneously observes and scans patterns and processes. It would also probe into the authorisation, certificates, and services aspects dynamically and stop infections.
  • Users who are anxious about being tracked (espionage) by the state incumbency and also about the existing online digital threats like spyware may use this app to stay covered. AI antivirus doesn’t allow infiltration through any means. 
  • AI antivirus not only provides curative solutions but also is an efficient preventive solution too. Thus, users’ android devices stay guarded in the face of future threats. An efficient AI threat prevention android app.
  • Users who have registered on countless online portals form the most vulnerable segment to hacking attacks. AI antivirus pulls out users’ compromised data and the websites where the user information leak occurred.
  • Now, users don’t need to worry about uninstalling their regular antivirus software to use AI antivirus. Instead, users may have both on their android devices for double protection.
  • Users may opt for a free version of their android devices that don’t contain crucial information. In contrast, professionals and business classes may choose the pro version to safeguard sensitive business data. The business version is coming soon!

Users who root their android phone, install apps from unknown/unverified sources, utilise their android mobile device for work, prone to losing their android phones easily, would unquestionably need a powerful android antivirus app. AI antivirus is a brilliant solution to keep android devices covered from all sides in the highly exposed digital world.