This App Will Make Your Phone As Secure As A Locker!


If you are using an iPhone, you must be very happy with your device. With a smooth navigation experience, great performance, long battery life, and great cameras, you should be able to safely vouch for your device’s security too! But that is not the case in reality. The iPhone is known for its texting service - iMessage. You can send all kinds of written texts, share photos, videos, and documents and what not! You must be sure that when you delete old text messages on your iPhone, they get deleted. But something else happens in reality.

What happens to text messages on my iPhone?

Before knowing this, you must have thought that there is no need for a guide on “how to permanently delete texts iPhone?” However, iPhones deal with text messages differently. When you delete text messages on an iPhone, it does not get permanently deleted. The messages are scheduled by the iPhone to be deleted later. In the meantime, the deleted text is hidden from your view. You will not bother yourself anymore because the thought has been engraved in your mind that the message does not exist anymore. But it does. And if your luck plays your cards badly, and your phone falls in the hand of an impostor or gets stolen, your financial, as well as personal data, will be in the wrong hands and you will suffer heavily.

How to prevent such intrusion?

You can blindly trust the apps that have military-grade security features, many of which have been patented and praised thoroughly for the level of security that they can maintain. These apps have 256-bit AES encryption, which is used by top-notch security personnel. These apps can encrypt all your data which means your data is not on the loose anymore. The encryption passwords are unconventional 4x4 linear passcodes which are very secure. Your messages are encrypted in such a way that they can be read by the person you have sent the message and you. No one can spy or extract data from your messages. No more searching for “how to permanently delete texts iPhone?” and receive half-boiled answers. There’s more. Not only does your question of “how to permanently delete texts iPhone?” ceases, but your phone enjoys extra security features. Some of them deserve a mention, like, there is a separate app for your contacts where all your encryption passwords are encoded with the contact information.
This helps in securing your texts. Also, you can delete texts and other data using the app’s patented data deletion algorithms. All you would need to do is choose the algorithm you want to deploy. If your phone gets lost or stolen, you do not have to worry. You can remotely and permanently delete text messages on your iPhone without worrying about “how to permanently delete texts iPhone?” Other kinds of encrypted data can also be deleted, along with the encryption passwords. Thus, no one will ever get access to your data.


Your thought of “how to permanently delete texts iPhone?” can rest in peace. With these apps, it is very easy and flexible to guard your data against being preyed upon. You can continue using your iPhone with all that valuable data with a level of security, which can be compared only to a physical bank locker where you keep your precious jewelry.