Want to enjoy good internet speed? Download DNS Changer | speedy IPv4 & IPv6, Wifi & mobile

DNS helps internet users navigate the internet site using direct text addresses that human beings can read effortlessly. DNS converts domain names into URLs, which then interprets them into IP addresses.

Benefits of DNS:

  • DNS servers assist in translating domain names for world wide web( www) sites to advantage net users' work. 
  • Creating a direction of site visitors or routing the messages to the email servers/internet electronic mail services
  • This server improves the gaming experience. Net users can easily interact in a multiplayer game. 
  • Because the internet services are better with this server, internet customers can experience the gain of instant messaging and improve video quality during a video conference which is essential for work for home. 
  • With the assistance of a VPN( virtual personal community), internet users can shield their privacy online. 

Protectstar has launched a DNS Changer application, let’s check out some of the important features of the application:

  • This DNS Changer android app gives a layer of internet safety. This security carrier furnished via the utility protects in opposition to surveillance and censorship attempts. 
  • This utility's consumer interface is terrific; with just one click, the application finds the nearest server and affords better net service. 
  • With the utility's assistance, internet customers can connect without any issue to exclusive DNS servers and enjoy different servers' velocity. 
  • This software also offers parental management due to the fact a few contents can be too harsh for kids to apprehend, and if parents want, they can use the parental control feature to block the one’s websites. 
  • The protectstar software is already used in 123 countries all over the world. Its customers rather suggest their application. Which routinely proves that the services they provide are useful. 

This application is beneficial for every person. Anybody using any android smartphone can use this software. And as stated above, the user interface is simple so that everybody can navigate through the software. DNS is the purpose why the internet exists. The net is a vital part of our life. With DNS, you may use the net effectively. most companies use DNS servers due to the fact they provide an awesome quantity of internet velocity, and as time passes, greater corporations will begin using them more. Apart from that, this software will assist users to maintain their android safely from malware and hackers. It will additionally enhance the performance and enhance security, so everybody searching ahead for making their phone safe make sure you positively download this application.

This app has many tools and exciting functions. Most of the functions are to be had at no cost within the DNS Changer( | speedy IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & cell information) App; few features are added as soon as users upgrade to the paid model. Irrespective of which version you pick, paid/unpaid, each is similarly useful and vital for protection and privateness. DNS is one of the most essential aspects of the internet. With the assistance of DNS, the net is like a pal of yours. These advanced tools help you find and connect with the fastest DNS server based on your area and community. It is an in-depth network of servers dispersed all over the globe. If you need to enjoy the majority of these thrilling features, make sure you download this software.