Why you need DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data?

DNS is a domain name system. It is one of the most important aspects of the internet. With the help of DNS, the internet is user friendly. It also helps the internet to work smoothly. It is a large network of servers distributed around the globe.

Advantages of using a DNS server

There are several advantages of a DNS server, below mentioned are a few of the most important ones.

  1. DNS is the reason why the internet exists in the first place. Internet is a very important part of our life. With DNS, you can use the internet effectively. 
  2. Most organizations use DNS server because they provide an incredible amount of internet speed. 
  3. DNS servers provide a high level of security to the users. They have the ability to track hackers and prevent them from getting access to our sensitive data. 
  4. DNS users have the advantage of IP address conversion. The user doesn’t need to memorize the IP address while using the DNS server. 
  5. DNS offers a lot of stability to the users. 

In general, all DNS provides these level of services. It’s important to use a trustworthy application when you want to use the DNS server on your phone. There is a trustworthy application available in the market, that is, DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data. This application is launched by Protectstar.

Let’s look at the advantages of using DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data.

  1. DNS server provided by this application ensures a safer and faster internet connection. 
  2. User can use the DNS server which has been auto-updated otherwise they can also choose from other DNS optionsṣ. 
  3. With this application, you will be able to block advertisements, malware and many more. 
  4. This application also offers parental control because some contents can be too tough for kids to understand, and if parents want, they can use the parental control feature to block those sites. 
  5. The Protectstar application is already used in 123 countries all over the world. Their application is highly recommended by its users. Which automatically proves that the services they provide are good.

Let’s look at all the important features available in the application.

  1. No root required
  2. Unblock restricted websites
  3. Block Adult and Porn content
  4.  Accessing restricted websites
  5.  Improve online gaming
  6. Stay more secure on public wifi
  7. Reduce Video Buffering
  8. Enjoy the best and private browsing performance
  9. Explore your favourite sites and application freely

This is the reason why we need DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data by Protectstar. They will keep our android safe from hackers and malware and also improve the performance at the same time. This is a perfect application because it communicates the data breaches to the user. They provide data protection. They always ask for user consent to process information, provide faster internet, improve gaming experiences, and anonymize data for privacy. With all these facilities this application provides, we can easily vouch that this is the best DNS server provided by Protectstar.

This application is beneficial for everyone. This is a vast application of DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data. DNS plays a very critical role in the functioning of the internet. As the internet grows, the DNS network will also grow. Hopefully, all this information will help you to gain enough knowledge about DNS Changer | Fast IPv4 & IPv6, wifi & Mobile Data.