Your Microphone Is A Valuable Tool, Don’t Let Others Use That Secretly!

Every phone has a microphone and it has not had its untimely demise yet - fortunately, or unfortunately, like the headphone jack. Thinking deeper, it will surely suggest that a microphone is an integral part of a smartphone, and eliminating that is similar to taking the larynx(voice box) out of the human body. While the headphone jack is only going to be phased out with time, nothing of that sort is going to happen to the microphone. In fact, the demand for having microphones in devices has increased and will only surge with time - because we know that communication is essential.

What if your microphone turns against you?

Chill! Your microphone is not a human being so it won’t turn into a robot and kill you. But we, as humans, at least some of them do not have their moral compass well aligned. So they have effective techniques to tap on your microphones and check on whatever you are doing. Surely, it would mean that you won’t have control over your microphones anymore. And the astounding yet obvious fact of all would be that you won’t have the slightest idea of what’s going on!

How does it proceed?

These kinds of attacks proceed in a way that’s much different from normal detectable attacks. They sneak out your data with great skill. After all, the microphone can record whatever it wants - but this capability is limited by the smartphone’s software. The microphone works only when it is needed - like when you are talking to someone on the phone or you are having an intense mobile gaming session and you need to communicate with your friends, or you just have to wake up your phone’s virtual assistant and have to instruct it to perform something.

The microphone is now triggered by the software to work all of the time, and each snippet of voice recording is sent to the person who is actually spying on you. This is a highly vulnerable point that can leak data because slowly, it will capture each and every conversation possible as we never leave our phones aside. The data collected can contain many intimate details, and you might be blackmailed later and asked for ransom. Paying that does not seem to be a nice idea at all.


To protect yourself, you have to do something that other people don’t. A good tip would be to use a great microphone blocker like that of PROTECTSTAR’s Micro Guard. With just one click, you will be able to block the access of the microphone and also monitor apps or services that try to access your microphone even after blocking it. This is a win-win situation and it will go a long way in protecting your phone from unknown attacks as well as block any further access by apps and services that don’t behave true to the purpose. Just tapping the download button is all it takes.