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New version 2.0 of Antivirus AI Android: Innovative dual engine for unrivaled malware detection

New version 2.0 of Antivirus AI Android: Innovative dual engine for unrivaled malware detection
December 07, 2023

The new version 2.0 of Antivirus AI for Android marks a turning point. With the introduction of the revolutionary dual engine, Protectstar™ offers unprecedented protection against malware and cyber threats. This dual engine is comparable to two alert watchdogs that focus specifically on different types of threats. This symbiosis ensures comprehensive protection, where the strengths of the other balance the weaknesses of one engine.


Strengths of Antivirus AI Android

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Antivirus AI relies on AI to constantly detect and learn new threats. This means that the more frequently the system is used, the better the detection and, therefore, the better the protection for all users worldwide.
  • Global real-time defense: When a threat is detected on a smartphone, e.g., in Paris, the data is analyzed in the AI Cloud, and if confirmed, protective measures are immediately activated for all users worldwide.
  • Adaptive defense mechanisms: In addition to detecting conventional malware, Antivirus AI can also identify complex threats such as state-sponsored Trojans.

Antivirus AI's dual engine is unique in that it combines the strengths of two separate scanners. One scanner specializes in detecting known malware patterns, while the other uses advanced AI methods to detect new, unknown threats. This combination enables a significantly increased detection rate.

Advantages of dual-engine technology

  • Comprehensive protection: A greater variety of malware is detected thanks to two separate detection systems.
  • Redundancy for security: If one engine misses malware, the other takes over to ensure seamless security.
  • Optimized performance: Both scanners work together efficiently and harmoniously without compromising system performance.
  • Ease of use: Despite its advanced technology, Antivirus AI remains easy to use.
  • Fast response time: Real-time response to new threats thanks to continuous updates.
  • Innovative & Adaptable: Constant improvements flow directly into the dual engine.

With Antivirus AI Android 2.0, Protectstar™ has set a milestone in the development of antivirus software for mobile devices. The combination of dual-engine, adaptive defense mechanisms and artificial Intelligence offers unprecedented protection against the ever-growing variety of cyber threats.

The latest version, Antivirus AI v2.0, is already available. Users with older versions can download the update free of charge via the Protectstar™ website or the Google Play Store.

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