Anti Spy 2
for Android

Anti Spy has been developed to scan Android devices for potential spies effectively. Thanks to artificial intelligence, real-time signature updates, and heuristic detection methods, users are proactively protected against spyware and dangerous stalkerware.

Protection against espionage

  • Ransomware

  • Malicious

  • Obfuscated

  • Banker

  • PUA

  • Adware

  • Hidden

  • CryptoMiner

Antispyware Scanner

Anti Spy is based on the intelligent Deep Detective™ technologies that protect hundreds of thousands of our users every day against hackers and targeted espionage attacks.

The intelligent algorithms detect fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Adware, LeadBolt, Sms-Thief, Backdoors, Rooting, Sms-Fraud, Key Logger, Exploits, BankBots, Anubis, AgentSmith, SMSReg, FinSpy, Ransomware, LokiBot, Banker, Sms Sender, AirPush, Root Exploits, etc.

Whether foreign spies, hackers, spouse, friend, boss or a colleague, with just one click on the "SCAN" button, potential spy apps, and hidden spyware processes are detected. In only a few milliseconds, Anti Spy compares all process and app signatures with many thousands of anti-espionage algorithms.

Antispyware Scanner
Intelligent protection against espionage and against (un)known spyware

Intelligent protection against espionage and against (un)known spyware

Protectstar™ Anti Spy detects not only known spy apps like mSpy, FinSpy, and many more, but also Spy-, SMS-, and GPS trackers, as well as monitoring apps often used by governments or law enforcement agencies in some countries.

The artificial intelligence engine monitors the behavior of apps and processes. Any opportunity to spy on you using spyware, stalkers, trojans and other malware are proactively prevented.

Thanks to the real-time scanner and heuristic scanning methods, even unknown spy headers are reported.

With more than 1,100 attack signatures (as of June 2019), the smart Deep Detective™ Live algorithms offer comprehensive protection against a multitude of hacking attacks.

An ideal combination

Protectstar™ Anti Spy is perfect for use in combination with existing security solutions such as antivirus scanners and is suitable for excellent privacy protection in conjunction with Camera Guard™ Android and Micro Guard™ Android.

Guarantee from Protectstar™

Protectstar™ Anti Spy does not collect any personal data of the user on any medium. The app is also ad-free. Like all our apps!

An ideal combination

Protectstar™ AI CLOUD

A cloud-based neural network analyzes the behavior of apps for suspicious activity in milliseconds and compares the signatures with millions of malware and espionage characteristics.

Even unknown threats or zero-day exploits can be detected almost in real-time.

Unnoticed for the user, he uses the full performance of the AI Cloud and keeps his device always resource-saving with optimal performance.

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Free version

  • Free protection against espionage apps
  • Engine based on artificial intelligence with heuristic search methods
  • Anti Malware features: Detects spyware and various types of malware
  • Detection of known spy apps such as mSpy, FinSpy, etc. that are often used by governments or law enforcement agencies.
  • Detects fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Sms-Thief, Rooting, Sms-Fraud, Fake Installer, Exploits, BankBots, Anubis, AgentSmith, Ransomware, Banker, etc.
  • Detection of spies, SMS, and GPS trackers as well as monitoring apps.
  • It also detects hidden and disabled spies
  • Whitelist: Adding trusted apps to the exception list Regular updates
  • No root rights required
  • Protectstar Artificial Intelligence (AI) CLOUD

PRO version

  • Real-time Protection
  • Real-time signature updates of new algorithms
  • AI Life Rules (artificial intelligence generates own malware signatures in real-time)
  • Set up an automatic background scan at specific days and times
  • Enhanced heuristic anti-spy engine to detect more unknown spy app
  • Enhanced heuristic engine to detect more malware, trojans, and spyware
  • Enhanced Protectstar Artificial Intelligence (AI) CLOUD
  • Detects suspicious malware and spyware apps on Android TV

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