True Security that never fails.
Every minute, every hour.

Hidden in the clock:
A high-security vault for photos and videos.

A high-security vault for photos and videos
hidden in a clock.

With the new TimeLock™ app, it is not only a
timeless clock with an alarm function, but also
a high security vault for your personal photos
and videos. The vault itself is completely
invisible, hidden in the design of the clock.

The TimeLock™ integrates a powerful vault, which
comprehensively protects all the backed up photos and videos
in it, while offering unmatched usability.

It’s like a safe that encrypts photos and videos

With the latest security technologies TimeLock™ keeps all of your pictures and videos
militarily secure, because the entire contents of the vault is encrypted with the strong 256-bit
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm.

The AES-256-bit encryption method is one of the safest in the world and is used, for example, for encrypting
top secret documents in the military.

Perfect harmony between visibility and invisibility

Exclusively focused on the essentials

TimeLock™ not only impresses with its plain timeless design or the useful alarm clock, with which you can wake up in style, but it intelligently combines function and style.

Naturally TimeLock™ can be used or placed as a beautiful clock on a writing or bedside table.
And if you look at the time again from a new perspective, you will notice how harmonious and perfect a clock and a safe work together:

No one will have the idea that there is a highly secure and protected safe ingeniuosly hiding in your alarm clock.

The genius of TimeLock™ is the safe, that is hidden and fully integrated into the functional design of the clock: With the hour and minute hands of the clock, you can easily set your four-digit passcode. Readable in both analog and digital format.

Only you have selected your personal passcode, simply confirm it with the inconspicious hands button in the centre of the clock, to open your safe. You can close the safe by shaking your Apple™ device.

Just in case – self destruction

Should you lose or have your Apple™ device stolen, do not worry about the protection of your photos and videos stored
in TimeLock™: Self-destruction of TimeLock™ can be activated, to automatically delete all saved data in it after 3 incorrect passcode
entries. It is not just simply deleted, instead the entire contents of the safe is securely overwritten, and this is done to acceptable
safety standards as according to the military such as the DoD 5220.2-M E method, used by the Department of Defence of
the United States. The deletion technologies for this come from the award-winning iShredder™.

With Protectstar™ Smart Viewer

View photos and videos directly from the safe

The integrated and practical Protectstar™ Smart Viewer allows you to easily view and playback photos and videos in your protected vault.

A fullscreen mode with a zoom function makes viewing photos or videos a geniune and above all safe experience. You can also share your videos via the integrated AirPlay™ function so that they can be played on a television.

Wireless and brilliant:
The Protectstar™ iFile Feature

Securely upload or download your photos and videos
from your PC or laptop into TimeLock™

The integrated Protectstar™ iFile works perfectly together with TimeLock™. With this function all your photos and videos can be securely uploaded and downloaded with the help of a clear web console – just drag and drop via the Internet browser.

The ingenious Protectstar™ iFile feature allows you to store photos and videos securely from any PC or laptop within your own WiFi network, to view, manage and print them.

And it does not matter which browser you are using as long as you are on a computer in your network running the Windows, Mac or Linux operating system.

The high-speed data transfer between your PC and TimeLock™ means that no unauthorised person can eavesdrop, because when you upload your photos and videos, even the communication protocol is protected from eavesdropping with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).


- Unique world innovation
- Arbitrator timer in analog and digital form, including built-in alarm. Ideal for use as a desk clock.
- Built in high-security safe for personal photos and videos.
- AES 256-Bit encryption
- Activatable and secure self-destruction for loss of the device
- Protectstar™ Smart Viewer
- Safely store photos and videos
- Creation of directories
- Universal app: Optimised for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
- Protectstar™ iFile Feature
- AirPrint™ and AirPlay™
- Technical e-mail support

Available in two editions

TimeLock™ Standard Pro
AES 256-Bit encrypted vault/safe
Unique world innovation
Self Destruction
Protectstar™ Smart Viewer
Anti Intruder System
Secure storage of pictures and videos
Secure file and document storage
Creation of folders
Technical e-Mail support
Universal app: Optimized for Apple™ iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod™ touch
Automatic deletion based on government security standards
Protectstar™ iFile Feature
Secure Notes Optional
Secure Voice Recorder
Six digits passcode (hours, minutes and seconds hand of the clock) for the vault
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