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Dual Engine

Dual engine: double the antispyware power

Since its launch with over one million downloads in just three months, Protectstarâ„¢ Anti Spy has established itself as one of the leading antispyware scanners in the Google Play Store. The app offers protection against known spyware and GPS trackers, which government organizations often use.

New in version 6.0: The revolutionary antispyware dual engine

With the introduction of version 6.0, we present a worldwide innovation: the Antispyware Dual-Engine. This technology offers comprehensive protection by combining the strengths of two different antispyware systems. In this way, each engine complements the other, whereas the other has limitations and ensures almost seamless detection of threats.

What exactly is the dual engine?

Our dual engine is like two vigilant watchdogs specializing in different threats. They work together to protect your device from all types of spyware.

Why is the dual engine in Anti Spy unique?

Anti Spy's dual engine is unrivaled. One engine detects known spyware patterns and heuristics, while the other uses advanced techniques and Artificial Intelligence to identify new, unknown spy trackers. This dual scanning system thoroughly analyzes every threat, significantly reducing the likelihood of spyware going undetected.

Try the efficiency of the dual engine for yourself and keep your devices safe and secure.

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