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Becoming your personal Support Hero or Support Superhero

We’re creating a whole new customer experience.

In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced environment, it’s simply not convenient to use conventional support for help “on the fly.” Ticket numbers, incident reports, and confirmations, along with up to four-day response rates, should be a thing of the past. They don’t meet the needs of the customer.

This concept is outdated and does not improve customer relations, which is our number one goal.

At Protectstar™, we have devised an entirely new concept: instead of queuing, our customers receive a personal Support Hero, who remains at their side. When any situation with the Protectstar™ software requires assistance, your support hero will be there within 24 hours (generally within a few hours). Whenever or wherever you need him. 24/7/365.

If this is not enough, with the purchase of the well-known Protectstar™ Care Plan, a user even gets a Support Superhero at his side. He will try to answer every question in the user’s interest and respond to them in record time. Sometimes within minutes and fulfill customer needs.

With a Protectstar™ Care Plan,
you get so much more while saving money

With a Protectstar™ Care Plan, <br>you get so much more while saving money

Each Protectstar™ app, purchased with a Care Plan, has registered automatically with preferred support from our team. Additionally, you get free upgrade services for your software for up to three years -Instead of just one.

Your software is continuously upgraded to the latest product version, for three full years, without any upgrade cost.

Whenever or wherever you need outstanding support, our direct, dedicated email Support Superhero is available on your schedule when you need us: 24/7/365