Secure Erasing Solutions for Enterprises

Keep data safe and achieve data sanitization requirements.

iShredder™ Android

iShredder Enterprise for Android

iShredder™ Workstation
for Windows

iShredder Workstation for Windows

iShredder™ Technical
for Windows and Windows Server

iShredder Technical for Windows and Windows Server

iShredder™ Server
for Windows Server

iShredder Server for Windows

iShredder™ iOS
Business Edition

iShredder iOS Business Edition

iShredder™ Mobile
Enterprise Edition

iShredder Mobile Enterprise Edition

Premium support and professional services

Each ProtectStar™ software for Windows® or macOS® or even an app for Android® or iOS® which was purchased with a Care Plan is registered automatically with preferred support from our team. Additionally, you get free upgrade services for your product, for up to three years - instead of just one - without any upgrade cost.

24/7 365

Bring safety and simplicity to your company

ProtectStar™ is shaping security and creates simple and innovative solutions to everyday challenges. Our range of security products offers the combination of security and manageability that’s right for your business.

Bring safety and simplicity to your company

Purchase a Care Plan and
get 3 years premium support

Care Plan
  • Premium technical support
  • 3 years free updates and upgrades
  • Best value for your money

All iShredder™ products comes with a 12-months technical service and free updates and upgrades.
To extend your maintenance support further, just purchase a Care Plan.

The Care Plan gives you a 36-months premium support and free upgrades to new versions for the next three years.