Secure Erasing Solutions for Enterprises

Keep data safe and achieve data sanitization requirements.

Secure Erasing Solutions for Enterprises
Each ProtectStar™ software for Windows® or macOS® or even an app for Android® or iOS® which was purchased with a Care Plan is registered automatically with preferred support from our team. Additionally, you get free upgrade services for your product, for up to three years - instead of just one - without any upgrade cost.

iShredder™ Android

iShredder Enterprise for Android

iShredder™ Workstation
for Windows

iShredder Workstation for Windows

iShredder™ Technical
for Windows and Windows Server

iShredder Technical for Windows and Windows Server

iShredder™ Server
for Windows Server

iShredder Server for Windows

iShredder™ iOS
Business Edition

iShredder iOS Business Edition

iShredder™ Mobile
Enterprise Edition

iShredder Mobile Enterprise Edition

Purchase a Care Plan and
get 3 years premium support

Care Plan
  • Premium technical support
  • 3 years free updates and upgrades
  • Best value for your money

All iShredder™ products comes with a 12-months technical service and free updates and upgrades.
To extend your maintenance support further, just purchase a Care Plan.

The Care Plan gives you a 36-months premium support and free upgrades to new versions for the next three years.