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iShredder™ Windows Technical

Thanks to intuitive navigation and helpful wizards, users can completely delete data from their hard drives or external data storage devices, thus ensuring that confidential information such as personal data, bank data and passwords can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Data Shredder Technical

100% Secure Erasing of Confidential Data

iShredder™ is a state-of-the-art and professional tool that has won numerous awards and that allows for secure deletion of data from hard drives and external data storage devices. This user-friendly solution, which runs under Microsoft Windows, enables users to efficiently delete their data in such a way as to preclude reconstruction, even by government agencies.

Government and military standards

iShredder™ meets and exceeds government, military and industry standards for the permanent erasure of digital information. The software erases all existing data including confidential, secret and top-secret security level data e.g. with the German BSI-VS-2011 (TL-03423) standard,US Army AR380-19 and DoD 5220.22-M E.

The software offers up to 18 secure deletion algorithms that certified by government and military oganizations for just one goal: to sercurely erase private data.


  • Secure data deletion based on government approved and military data security standards up to the confidential, secret and top secret security standard levels
  • Integration of the powerful ProtectStar™ Secure Deletion Algorithm© allows for fail-safe data security
  • Detailed deletion log provides evidence of deletion
  • Supports IDE/ATA, SCSI, USB, SATA, SAS, RAID, Firewire
  • Compatible with Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Deletes confidential data from hard drives, solid state drive, memory sticks, usb sticks, flash drives, CompactFlash, Secure Digital (SD) card, memory cards, MMC, xD, MicroDrive, etc
  • System partitions and individual system drives can be deleted securely in offline mode without a boot medium
  • Allows for secure cutting and pasting of files and directories
  • 1-year technical support and free updates and upgrades
  • Supports FAT, FAT32 and NTFS
GDPR-compliant Data Erasure

GDPR-compliant Data Erasure

With the latest European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), new requirements for the secure deletion of data have arrived which apply to all companies.

If sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, this can result in serious loss of revenue, penalties or damage to reputation. In addition to the GDPR Art.17 "Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)", please see article: - data protection laws prescribe a completely documented destruction of data. Personal data is no longer required, for which there is no legal basis for long-term storage, and must be permanently and securely removed from the IT systems.

iShredder™ offers all possibilities for complete protection of sensitive information, and GDPR-compliant data deletion including detailed erasure reports.

Purchase iShredder™ with Care Plan
get 3 years premium support

Purchase iShredder™ with Care Plan
  • Premium technical support
  • 3 years free updates and upgrades
  • Best value for your money

All iShredder™ products comes with a 12-months technical service and free updates and upgrades.
To extend your maintenance support further, just purchase a Care Plan.

The Care Plan gives you a 36-months premium support and free upgrades to new versions for the next three years.

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