Visit our website in dark mode to reduce energy consumption and to reach our goal of becoming CO2-neutral.

We are CO2 neutral.
We are sustainable.
We are energy efficient.

And until 2027 also the development and operation of our apps

At Protectstar™, we aim to have our business and all of our processes, from designing, developing, and delivering a protection solution, designed and operated entirely eco-friendly by 2027.

More energy for you. Less power for apps.


Alternative Energy Everywhere.


CO2 degradation with new trees.


Thanks iShredder. Resale of devices and hard drives.


We are convinced that we actively help to shape changes and create sustainable values for people and the environment. Environmental protection is easy to implement, especially in our industry.

Our innovative security solutions protect computers, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, all apps are designed in such a way that they consume little energy and protect your device's battery - especially on older devices.

Home office.


Our website: Designed for energy efficiency.


Environmental and resource protection are on our agenda, as well as process energy optimization.

With this, we want to lead Protectstar™ into the future with sustainable behavior. Admittedly, these are all relatively small steps for our planet, but they are a matter close to the heart.