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Our Philosophy

The need for security is a great desire and is deeply rooted in man's DNA.

Our Philosophy

The term is complex and encompasses internal and external security, i.e., it affects all areas of our everyday life.

Our products shape security that you can feel, inspiring you - making it intelligent and understandable!

Protectstar™ keeps external risks at bay and actively shapes your Internet security. "Shaping Security" is our motto. That's why our protection programs combine the highest security standards with ease of use and thus meet even the most complex requirements.

Protectstar™ relies exclusively on specialists for the development of our products. For example, our firewalls come from a German IT specialist whose products are certified by the Federal Office for Security according to Common Criteria EAL 4+.

To provide above-average protection for our computers and servers, we use highly secure encryption and various anti-virus products that are deployed at different communication points. In addition, our servers of the latest cloud generation are ISO 27001 certified and are all located in Germany.

They are subject to the high German data protection guidelines and are also powered by electricity from renewable energy sources.