Protectstar™ AI Threat Map

Real-time threat analyzes of users are found through our artificial intelligence (AI).

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1 000 000

Total detections worldwide

1 000 000

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Security Made for YOU

The Deep Detective™ is an intelligent detective that observes all Android® or macOS® device accesses – similar to a firewall – only smarter.

In our apps, the Deep Detective™ protection module permanently controls which process or app currently attempts to access the camera, the device’s integrated microphone, or which spy is accessing the encrypted data of your data vault. Thanks to modern heuristic methods, it reports even unknown attack attempts.

With more than 1,100 attack signatures (as of June 2019), the smart spyware scanner Deep Detective™ Live detects on Android devices various fraudulent elements such as HiddenAds, Ransomware, FinsSpy, Exploits, FakeApps, etc.

Malware Vaccination

AI Life Rules are an essential part of our new malware vaccination system.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system automatically creates its own malware rules in real-time to detect new and unknown malware, spyware, and trojans.

For example, if suspicious malware is detected on a user's smartphone in Sydney (Australia), the meta-information is subjected to in-depth analysis in our AI Cloud.

If the malware becomes a new threat, all global users are immediately "vaccinated" against it because of a unique and fully automatically created AI Life Rules in less than a few seconds.

All this without having to carry out a single product update.

by Protectstar™

To combine Deep Detective™ technologies with artificial intelligence (AI) and to add techniques of threat extraction to them, it creates a powerful tool for effective malware detection:

Since 2020, the new high-performance Protectstar™ AI CLOUD has been proactively protecting our Android users.

A cloud-based neural network analyzes apps' behavior for suspicious activity in milliseconds and compares the signatures with millions of malware and espionage characteristics.

It can even detect unknown threats or zero-day exploits in real-time.