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Are you curious to know
who's behind Protectstarâ„¢?

We are a team of more than 15 innovative minds from seven countries, all united by a common goal: to deliver products that offer the highest level of security and have a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design. We are working tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive the best possible solutions to keep their data and devices safe.

Strategy Heroes

  • Chris Bohn


  • Christian Galetzka

    Corporate Management

  • Gerhard Lutz

    Senior Vice President

  • Niklas Mayle

    Head of Innovation Management

  • Vuong Nguyen

    Head of Web Management

  • Sascha Brenk

    Partner Switzerland

  • Bill Gibson

    Special Ops.

  • Mariah Bears

    Executive Assistant & PR

  • Alexandra Hoffman

    Social Media Manager

Design Heroes

Developer Heroes

  • Alexander Voloshin

    Senior Developer

  • Jonas Sollik

    Full Stack Engineer

  • Fahad Sanaullah

    ASO Expert

  • Usama Sanaullah

    Languages Localizations Expert

  • Nhan Nguyen

    Software Engineer

Analyst Heroes

  • Pascal Durand

    Malware Analyst & Machine Learning

  • Subaiyyal Sanaullah

    Metadata Keywords Research Analyst

Support Heroes

  • Andy Hafner

    Support Hero

  • Daniel Mayer

    Support Hero

  • Jay Roth

    Development Support Hero