Do you wonder
who is behind Protectstar™?

More than 20 innovative minds from seven different countries, burning together for one thing: Solutions that promise you the highest security level and appeal to you aesthetically.

Team Heroes

  • Chris Bohn


  • Christian Galetzka

    Corporate Management

  • Gerhard Lutz

    Senior Vice President

  • Sascha Brenk

    Partner CH

  • Mariah Bears

    Executive Assistant & PR

Strategy Heroes

  • Niklas Mayle

    Head of Innovation Management

  • Deepak Shah

    Senior Strategy Manager

  • Jonas Klodwig

    Online Marketing Manager

Design Heroes

  • Maxim Dernovoy

    Head of Design

  • Divakar TM

    UI Designer

Developer Heroes

  • Vuong Nguyen

    Senior Full Stack Engineer

  • Alexander Voloshin

    Senior Developer

  • Douglas Gutierrez

    Senior Developer

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Android Developer

  • Arvindh Prasad S

    Android Developer

  • Kishore Kumarasamy

    Android Developer

Support Heroes

  • Andy Hafner

    Support Hero

  • Daniel Mayer

    Support Hero

  • Max Guenthner

    Support Hero

  • Jay Roth

    Development Support Hero

Background Heroes

  • Bill Gibson

    Special Ops.

  • Shubham Agarwal

    Internet Guru