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All you need to
erase data securely

iShredder [ɑɪʂ͡ ɦɾəɗɗəɾ] is a secure data erasure technology introduced in 2011 by Protectstar™.

For nearly a decade, iShredder™ has been a trusted and in-house security solution for deleting sensitive data. With its advanced features and strong brand name associated with "Intelligent Shredding" or "I Shred," iShredder™ has established itself as a leader in software for data erasure.

Based on the renowned Protectstar™ Data Shredder software solutions, iShredder is trusted by well-known companies and government agencies for its robust security.

Since 2013, iShredder™ has been the top-rated app for secure data erasure on a href="/en/products/ishredder">Android and the most popular erasure software worldwide for all major platforms, including iOS, macOS, Windows and Windows Server.

Trust iShredder™ to securely and permanently delete your sensitive data.

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