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iShredder [ɑɪʂ͡ ɦɾəɗɗəɾ], is a secure data erasure technology introduced in 2011 by the company Protectstar™ and the German security expert Chris Bohn. For nearly a decade, with its gaining popularity, Protectstar™ has become an "award-winning" brand name and a trusted, in-house security product for the secure deletion of sensitive data.

With a strong name brand, associated with the words "Intelligent Shredding," or "I Shred," the brand and its outstanding features are synonymous with the highest level of software security engineering.

Published in 2006: the Protectstar™ Data Shredder software solutions and erasure technologies are based on the Protectstar™ Data Shredder software solutions.

The iShredder™ products are continuously in development and have won numerous awards. They are used by renowned companies and State/International military organizations. Since 2013, iShredder™ is the #1 app in secure data erasure for Android, and the most popular erasure software worldwide for iOS, macOS, Windows and Windows Server.

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