iShredder™ Family

All you need to erase data securely


iShredder™ has always been a pioneer in military grade
data deletion for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Windows Server.

iShredder™ iOS

Military grade data deletion for
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iShredder™ Android

The No. 1 in military grade
data erasure for Android®.

iShredder™ Mac

The No. 1
Data Shredder for macOS®.

iShredder™ Windows

A breakthrough for Windows:
100% secure deletion.

iShredder™ Windows Server

Military grade data eraser
for Windows Server.

iShredder™ Technical Stick

Securely erase Windows
and Windows Server with a bootable usb stick.

iShredder™ iOS Business

Wipe multiple iOS devices at a time
incl. erasure reports.

iShredder™ Mobile Enterprise

Enterprise-level iOS®
and Android® data deletion.