Why Protectstar™!

The digital world is continuously changing, and we spend more and more time with electronic devices. What is useful for you, offers people with bad intentions or criminals the perfect opportunity to watch or even steal from you.
Our innovative apps do what antivirus and anti-malware can't - the highest level of protection for your sensitive data.

Why Protectstar™!

That makes Protectstar™ better

Top Services

• Multi lingual support
Our multilingual support team is at your disposal 365 days a year and handles all requests in the shortest possible time. In German, English, and depending on availability also in Hindi, Indonesian, Ukrainian, and Russian.

• On top, we have created a customer service with Protectstar™ Support Heroes, which provides you with a personal assistant and helps you with all your questions.

• Regular further developments and updates
We always question whether our security solutions are outstanding enough. That's why we regularly develop all apps further and offer an even better version with every update. Together with the euphoria of our customers, we improve our products to provide a perfect user experience.

Own software development

• Security methods for different operating systems
We offer our innovative security solutions for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Thus we ensure that every operating system is optimally protected.

• We develop all our apps ourselves
Our international team of developers complements each other perfectly. In close cooperation and the pursuit of ever-better security solutions, we create apps that really make sense and offer effective protection.

• Transparent
Some products work with public source code and require minimal permissions on your device.

• Independent
We work and develop independently and are not subject to any organization or government. Security solutions by Protectstar™ serve to maximize the security of our end users.

Own software development

Easy to use

• Ready for immediate use and easy to operate
After you have installed a Protectstar™ app on your device, you can get started with just one click in most cases. All security solutions are designed to be intuitive to use.

• Slim/ Lean Apps
Our apps use minimal memory and require little main memory. The low battery usage is another plus point.

Further advantages

• Fair price/performance ratio
Most apps are available in two versions. Every customer will find the security solution that perfectly fits his needs - and at a fair price. For Android devices, we even offer free standard versions.

• All Protectstar™ apps are ad-free - even our free versions.
Not only for security reasons but also because of our philosophy, we do not collect user data or exchange user data with external companies. We also guarantee that no data exchange takes place between the USA, the EU, or other countries.


• Not only our apps but also our business processes are geared towards sustainability and environmental protection. Learn more at: Sustainability & Responsibility


• Governments and security agencies rely on our solutions
Thanks to the high international security standards with which Protectstar™ works, our technologies are used by defense ministries and government agencies.

• High-security encryptions
To provide above-average protection for our computers and servers, we use high-security encryption and various anti-malware products deployed at different communication points.

• Servers in Germany guarantee highest data security
Our servers of the latest cloud generation are ISO 27001 certified and are located exclusively in Germany. They are subject to the high German data protection guidelines and are also powered by electricity from renewable energy sources.

• Years of experience
Our international team comes together with over 50 years of professional experience in the field of IT security. With this know-how, we develop innovative solutions that meet even the most complex requirements.