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Advanced Secure Deletion Algorithm

The Advanced Secure Deletion Algorithm developed by Protectstar Inc. in 2017, replaces the more than ten years old Secure Deletion Algorithm.

Advanced Secure Deletion Algorithm

This deletion method includes four steps, which are processed in sequential order.

In the first pass, all data will be overwritten with the pattern.
The second pass encrypts the blocks completely using the 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Algorithm)

The third pass is doing a complete verification of written data, alongside the secure deletion with a unique pattern. Incorrect read/verified sectors/blocks will be documented in the erasure report.

Finally, the last pass overwrites all data through a random pattern, while high-quality random numbers are generated based on Federal information processing standards (FIPS).

Pass No.
Data written
256-bit AES Encryption
10010010, 01001001, 00100100 + Verification

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