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Shaping a Secure Tomorrow

At Protectstar™, we view security not merely as a feature but as a fundamental human need deeply embedded in our DNA.

Our mission is to redefine digital security by creating innovative, user-friendly solutions that empower our community of over 5 million global users. Trusted even by defense ministries.

Founded in 2004 by Chris Bohn, we specialize in creating visually appealing, AI-powered security applications that are as effortless to use as they are effective. Our diverse product suite includes Antivirus AI, Firewall AI, and the widely-acclaimed iShredder™ for data shredding.

"Shaping Security" isn't just a slogan; it's the philosophy that drives us to build comprehensive security ecosystems. We value transparency and independence, qualities manifest in our freedom from external organizational or governmental influence.

At Protectstar™, we're doing more than just developing security solutions; we're shaping a future in which digital security is not only robust but also intuitive, catering to the human needs.


Stay tuned!


Protectstar™ unveils significant advancements with its new technology updates for Antivirus AI and Anti Spy.


Energy-Efficient Website: Protectstar is committed to shaping security and making the world safer, one website visit at a time.


The Next-Generation Anti Spy 5.0 Android App with advanced spyware detection is released.



Protectstar™ now inspires over 5,000,000 customers.


The personal user account of our users was created with MY.PROTECTSTAR. It gives users a comprehensive overview of all Protectstar apps and licenses used anytime and anywhere.
More features will be added soon to provide a unique user experience.


Shocking and sad news: Protectstar™ mourns the unexpected death of the Head of Design, Maxim Dernovoy (Maksym Dernovyi). He was only 33 years old.



Antivirus AI Android is available.
he antivirus scanner is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and is like a vaccination against malware and espionage. Antivirus AI analyzes Android devices for malware in real-time and gets smarter with every virus scan. In addition, the new integrated malware vaccinations provide dynamic protection against new, unknown malware.


With the new Adblocker Android, you get rid of intrusive advertising and online tracking. Also, you can conveniently protect yourself against phishing, malware, and malicious domains.


High Five - after five years, Protectstar™ can be happy about 5.000.000 customers!


Anti Spy Android 3.0 is available. The successful app currently used by over 1.5 million Protectstar customers contains several improvements in artificial intelligence. The "data theft" function always checks whether your email address is in databases with more than 11 billion leaked accounts.


With the new app DNS Changer Android, Protectstar™ publishes a little everyday helper: Using DNS Changer Android can help make surfing the Internet safer and more private.



The new Protectstar™ Firewall AI Android is the most secure firewall in the world that fits in your pocket. The app offers complete protection against hackers, espionage, and even intelligence services based on artificial intelligence.


With Spyware Detector Android, the successful Anti Spy app has a little brother. Spyware Detector protects against unauthorized monitoring with over 20 million spyware and malware signatures.


Miami is beautiful, Palm Beach is more delightful! Our Florida office is moving.


A new Star is born ... We have combined Deep Detective™ technologies with artificial intelligence as a powerful tool for effective malware detection.
High Five - after four years Protectstar™ can be happy about 3,000,000 customers in 123 countries!


Camera Guard™ Android and Micro Guard™ Android are launched with version 4.0 and, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), can detect spyware and track down covert spies



Wow, how time flies - Protectstar™ turns 15! Time to thank the team that drives success day after day!


As the first app in the Protectstar™ universe, Protectstar™ Anti Spy is based on artificial intelligence (AI). The anti-spyware scanner for Android detects not only well-known spy apps such as mSpy, FinSpy, etc. but also spy, SMS, and GPS trackers as well as monitoring apps used by governments or law enforcement agencies in some countries.


Hard work pays off! iShredder™ Android the #1 app in secure erasure, gets a new edition outside the Play Store. iShredder™ Android Government is the most powerful data erasure app that securely erases data with more than twenty certified erasure algorithms.


The new Camera Guard™ Mac 3 is ready to go. The intelligent blocker for web camera and microphone for macOS® contains the improved Deep Detektive™ protection module and secure app protection, which allows to protect apps from opening with a pin.



The new iShredder™ Mobile Enterprise meets all the requirements of any business, such as recycling companies, mobile device resellers, and corporations. The software securely deletes multiple iOS and Android devices simultaneously and ensures secure data destruction.


With the new iLocker™ Secure Notes devices, you can write private notes and even record voice memos using AES-256 bit encryption.


The popular iShredder™ iOS is available in the new version 3.0. In addition to the Professional and Military Editions, the Business Edition is also available, allowing multiple iOS devices to be securely deleted simultaneously.


Microphone protection and camera protection get a safe upgrade: With the new Micro Guard™ Android™ 2 and Camera Guard™ Android™ 2, users can now detect spyware with Deep Detective™ Live.


The two most popular apps for militarily secure data erasure, are now available in the next generation:
The new editions of iShredder™ Windows for Windows and Windows Server and the new iShredder™ Mac 2.0.
Both programs exceed international security standards.


With iShredder™ Android® 6, a new milestone is now available in the Google Play Store.



The new iLocker™ for Mac® is the first product in a great new security family. With iLocker™, you can securely password-protect apps and intelligently monitor personal information.


The new Data Shredder for Mac® is available. The minimalist in military-safe deletion of macOS® exceeds international security standards for the secure deletion of data.


The most popular app in secure deletion is presented in a revolutionary guise: iShredder™ 5 for Android is available in the Play Store. With certified deletion methods, the app even surpasses international security standards.


The new Advanced Secure Deletion Algorithm (ASDA) from Protectstar™ Inc. replaces the proprietary Secure Deletion Algorithm from 2007. It is considered one of the most secure methods of data destruction. In addition to an AES-256 bit encryption method, the ASDA passes through four steps in sequential order.


Our all-round protection: The new Micro Guard™ fo Android - a highly secure microphone protection - is the perfect complement to the Camera Guard™. It provides all-round protection for both the camera and the microphone of smartphones.



Data Shredder for iOS® replaces the popular iShredder™ iOS® app. With the new solution, iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® touch devices can now be securely deleted according to the highest military standards.
iDelete™ Cleaner for iOS® replaces the iDelete™ iOS® App, which became world-famous in 2013. With the new software, temporary data on iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® touch can be securely cleaned.


It's never happened before: Webcam and microphone protection. Camera Guard™ is the first innovative security solution for macOS®,including the intelligent Deep Detective™. This smart detective even detects unknown attacks.
After the successful launch of Camera Guard™ for macOS, the new Camera Guard™ for Android™ ensures that no hackers, spies, or malware can watch the users of Android™ smartphones.


Happy Birthday, Data Shredder! Ten years ago, our developers introduced the first version of the multiple award-winning deletion software. The current version 5.0 exceeds international security standards and is one of the most successful data destruction programs for Microsoft™ Windows™ and Windows™ servers worldwide.



Another milestone: Thanks to 1,000,000 satisfied Protectstar™ customers!



Wow!!! Protectstar™ has been around for ten years. We would like to thank our 500,000 users for their trust in Protectstar™ and hope you enjoy the new TimeLock Android™ App.



The time is now - or as we say at Protectstar™: "The time has never been more certain". With TimeLock™, we present a world premiere in the App-Stores. Behind the timelessly beautiful watch is a high-security safe where photos and videos can be stored in an encrypted form.

June – August

Protectstar™ detects a serious security vulnerability in the operating system of a world-famous Californian company. Together we can close the security hole and make the operating system even more secure for the user.
We are the champions! Just one week after its release, the new iOS™ app iDelete™ has been downloaded so often that it has made it into the top 1,000 in 118 countries and even into the top 10 utility apps in 53 countries.


With iCrypter™, Protectstar™ is now transforming iPhone™, iPad™, or iPod™ Touch into a highly secure encryption engine to securely send and receive messages such as SMS or email. iCrypter™ has been downloaded over 6,000 times in 61 countries in the first seventy hours of its release.


The world is wide! iShredder™ conquers the Chinese market. Only a few days after its release for China, the app has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times and has made it to 5th place in the top 10 utility apps.


Protectstar™ proves: Size does not always matter! The new iTreasure™is an innovative and extremely secure safe for mobile devices that fits in every pocket.


With iShredder™, we land our next coup at Protectstar™. The users of Apple™ iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod™ are also comprehensively protected against third-party data recovery. And Protectstar™ becomes the market leader in the secure deletion of iOS™ devices.


For the first time, Protectstar™ offers tailor-made security concepts for customers in industry and business. Numerous companies and public figures trust our unique solutions when it comes to the security of their data. We are pleased to have such great customers.


Our work pays off! We provide a highly secure encryption algorithm - the Protectstar™ Extended AES©. With 512 bit and 24-round encryption, it is one of the most powerful in this field.
The Protectstar™ Secure Deletion Algorithm© is also being launched. It is now regarded as one of the safest known methods for the destruction of data.


Protectstar™ is the first company to assess security risks on mobile devices, heralding a significant improvement in mobile and smartphone security.


Already in the year of our foundation, we are launching the renowned Protectstar™ Award. For the first time, our independent test center subjects the security products of leading manufacturers to comprehensive tests and awards the products that meet the high Protectstar™ requirements. Our test reports meet with great interest at trade fairs and in trade journals.