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Protectstar™ again receives AV-TEST certification for Antivirus AI for Android

Protectstar™ again receives AV-TEST certification for Antivirus AI for Android
July 02, 2024

The latest version 2.0 of Protectstar's Antivirus AI for Android has once again received the prestigious AV-TEST certification. This award confirms the outstanding performance and reliability of the security solution against malware and digital threats. This blog article highlights the improvements and technological innovations that led to the certification.

Improvements from version 1.5 to 2.0

Version 2.0 brings significant improvements compared to the previous version 1.5:

        Detection rate: The detection rate increased from 99.5% to an impressive 99.9%, further increasing the efficiency of Android malware detection.
        Reduced false positives: False positives have been reduced from five to three, which is due to the strict AV-TEST guidelines.
        Performance optimization: Improved system performance ensures that the software does not slow down the device.
        Extended protection functions: New features such as real-time protection and advanced threat detection using dual-engine technology have been implemented.

Dual-engine technology: The combination of signature and AI-based detection  Dual-engine technology combines signature-based detection with advanced AI algorithms to effectively detect both known and unknown threats. This enables a comprehensive defense strategy that leverages the strengths of both methods. Signature-based detection remains an essential component as it ensures accurate and fast detection of known malware.

Innovative AI approaches  The Antivirus AI software uses innovative approaches such as "AI Life Rules" and "Malware Vaccinations". These technologies enable proactive identification and defense against threats by continuously detecting and responding to new threats.

Performance and real-time detection 

The  impact of Antivirus AI on system performance is minimal. The software does not slow down the device and remains user-friendly. The real-time protection is comparable to that of many well-known manufacturers and offers immediate protection against new and fast-spreading threats.

AV-TEST certification: Proof of quality and reliability  

The renewed certification by the AV-TEST Institute is proof of Protectstar™'s continuous improvement and commitment to providing the best protection against Android malware. AV-TEST is an independent IT security research institute that conducts comprehensive tests of IT security products and ensures that only products that meet the highest security standards are certified.

Chris Bohn, CEO of Protectstar™, commented: "We are proud that our continuous efforts in the development of Antivirus AI Android have once again been recognized with AV-TEST certification. It is particularly pleasing that we have achieved a 99.9% detection rate with our own malware dual engine, putting us on a par with leading antivirus vendors that have been in the market for decades."

The latest version of Protectstar's Antivirus AI for Android impressively demonstrates how modern cybersecurity solutions can be strengthened by combining traditional methods with innovative AI technology. With an impressive detection rate, minimal impact on system performance and comprehensive protection, Protectstar™ offers a leading solution in the fight against digital threats.

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