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iShredder Android 7.0: The Latest Upgrade for Secure Data Deletion

iShredder Android 7.0: The Latest Upgrade for Secure Data Deletion
July 17, 2023

We're excited to introduce you to the latest version of iShredder™ Android, our market-leading app for secure data deletion. iShredder™ Android 7.0 offers a wealth of enhancements and new features that make your deletion process even easier, faster, and safer than ever before.

Since its introduction over a decade ago, iShredder™ has established itself as the number one app for secure deletion. The app allows users to securely delete data on both business and personal devices. Its built-in deletion technologies are so safe that it is even used by defense departments and government agencies worldwide.
With the new version 7.0, we have focused on one mission: to exceed standards and provide an even better, more powerful, and user-friendly experience.

What's new in iShredder™ Android 7.0?
The upgrade to iShredder™ Android 7.0 brings many new features and improvements based on user feedback and technology innovations.
The app features a new, user-friendly design that makes it easier to navigate and use. In addition, by popular demand from our users, we have introduced a Dark Mode that is especially easy on the eyes when used in dark environments.

Technical improvements
Technical improvements are one of our priorities for iShredder™ Android 7.0. The app is now more powerful and stable, which means it works faster and is less prone to glitches since it can now also run in the background. The technical deletion procedure has also been improved to ensure that no data fragments can be recovered, no matter how small.

We've optimized iShredder™ Android 7.0 for the latest Android versions to ensure you take full advantage of the latest O.S. improvements.

Connection to MY.PROTECTSTAR
With version 7.0, you can now connect your iShredder™ app to your MY.PROTECTSTAR account. This allows seamless integration and centralized access to all your licenses and apps.

Background erase and unlimited erase for Free users
We've also added the ability to wipe data in the background so you can do other tasks while iShredder™ Android is working. In addition, deletion is now unlimited for Standard Edition (Free) users, who were previously limited to 50MB.

The safest way to delete your data
Securely erasing data is more than simply deleting a photo or emptying the Recycle Bin. If you delete a file manually, it is not removed from memory but simply marks the corresponding sector as "free." These "free" sectors can be recovered with the right tools, which threatens your privacy and security.

We have solved the problem with our iShredder™ solutions for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Windows Server. With over 20 recognized erasure algorithms, iShredder™ provides secure and irreversible data erasure that meets international government and military security standards.

In addition to securely deleting files and free disk space, iShredder™ also lets you securely clean temporary data, caches, log files, and other temporary files that may contain personal information.
The new iShredder™ Android 7.0 can even process contacts, SMS, MMS, call lists, or data from WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., selectively and securely delete.

If you want to sell or give away your device, iShredder™ offers a safe and reliable way to erase your data securely. This ensures that third parties cannot recover your data. After each deletion, iShredder™ creates a deletion report that serves as proof of deletion and, in accordance with data protection standards such as GDPR, U.K. Government InfoSec No. 5, U.S. DoD, and NIST 800-88, can be archived.

iShredder™ Android 7.0 represents a significant performance, usability, and security step forward. With a fresh design, dark mode, technical improvements, and new features, iShredder™ Android is better than ever.

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