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National Sibling Day: Firewall AI and Antivirus AI Discount

National Sibling Day: Firewall AI and Antivirus AI Discount
April 10, 2024

In honor of National Sibling Day, we spotlight the perfect pair: Antivirus AI and Firewall AI. Like siblings who bring out the best in each other, our Android apps work together to provide you with unbeatable security.

Antivirus AI: Combine Strengths & Be Proactive

  • AI-Powered Detection: Antivirus AI stays ahead of malware threats using advanced artificial intelligence. It constantly learns and adapts, keeping you safe from even the newest threats.
  • Global Threat Network: If suspicious activity is detected on a user's device anywhere in the world, our AI cloud analyzes it thoroughly. If a threat is confirmed, all users are protected instantly.
  • Collective Security: The more users we have, the stronger the overall protection becomes! As threats are identified, everyone benefits.
  • Dual Engine Powerhouse: Our innovative dual engine combines the power of two antivirus scanners, ensuring even the trickiest malware doesn't slip through the cracks.

Firewall AI: Protection & Control Beyond the Basics

  • Instant Protection: Get up and running with Firewall AI in seconds. It safeguards you from hacker attacks and alerts you when apps try to access the internet without your permission.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: See exactly which apps are connecting to servers and using your mobile data.
  • Granular Control: Set filter rules to allow or block specific internet connections for each app, giving you complete control
  • Stop Data Leaks: Many apps request internet access even when they don't need it. With Firewall AI, you can monitor and block apps from sending your data to unwanted destinations.
  • Ultimate Privacy Protection: Go beyond basic firewall protection and block connections from known intelligence agencies and government organizations using our built-in Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is truly secure.
  • Global Threat Coverage: Firewall AI extends its protection to spy servers and mobile trackers, safeguarding you from a wider range of online threats.

Double the Security, Double the Peace of Mind
With Antivirus AI and Firewall AI working in tandem, your devices are protected from today's ever-evolving threats. Don't settle for just one line of defense – secure your digital life with the combined power of our AI-powered security solutions.

As a token of celebration, we're offering you 15% off your Antivirus AI and Firewall AI purchase. Just use the discount code "Happy Sibling" (code valid until April 16, 2024) at checkout.

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