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New Technology Updates: Advances in Android Apps Antivirus AI and Anti Spy

New Technology Updates: Advances in Android Apps Antivirus AI and Anti Spy
September 14, 2023

In cybersecurity, advancements and updates are crucial to combat the latest threats and ensure reliable protection. Protectstar™ recently introduced technological updates for its two popular Android apps, Antivirus AI and Anti Spy.

What's New?
These updates highlight the advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated into both apps. Through adaptive learning, this AI can continuously improve its malware detection capabilities. It's possible to detect Android malware and spyware and a wide range of malware affecting Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. Antivirus AI stands out mainly because of its adaptive model in malware detection. It recognizes traditional Android malware and more complex threats, such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). These APTs are especially insidious and often deployed by state organizations.

Worldwide Proactive Protection
Another impressive feature is the "malware vaccination" principle. Inspired by medical approaches, Protectstar™ utilizes pattern recognition to protect users from new and unknown malware dynamically. The Protectstar™ AI Cloud analyzes suspicious metadata in real-time, enabling immediate protective measures for users worldwide upon threat detection.

Updates Now Available
Updated versions are already available for those wanting to avail the latest security measures. Users are encouraged to update their apps via the Protectstar™ website or the Google Play Store to the latest versions, Antivirus AI v1.4.2 (1077) and Anti Spy v5.1.2 (5025).

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