This Is How You Protect Yourself From Spyware On Android!

Unless you are an altruistic ultra environment-conscious saint or a person who has vowed never to touch a smartphone for whatever personal reason there might be, you surely use a phone. And considering the fact that Android is the most popular operating system out there, a majority of people are going to run their phones on Android. However, Android is not very popular for its security measures. In fact, it does not even get half the amount of recognition for its security features as it gets for its customizations and other UI features. Thus, it becomes very important to have the necessary protective measures installed on Android because malware and spyware can gain entry into your Android phone easily and quite creepily. You might not even notice them until the damage has been inflicted and is considered irreversible.

How do you do so?

Like people, a lot of security and protection apps often promise a bunch of stuff but never deliver on those promises. They might involve some buzzwords in their apps so that the average user feels that they are getting the bang for the buck. An Android user should be very careful so that they do not fall into such traps. However, one app on the Google Play Store that can be blindly vouched for is APROTECTSTAR’s Anti Spy for Android app. Many satisfied users have certified that to protect your Android devices from Spyware and Malware that can silently gain entry into your phone and damage it, PROTECTSTAR’s Anti Spy app for android is the best option.

The features of this app are:

  • Free protection against apps that have intentions of cyberespionage.
  • AI-based engine: The app has an AI-based engine that helps in detecting those sneaky efforts by spyware and malware and all kinds of trojans. With heuristic search methods, the app makes sure nothing remains unchecked or undetected. The word ‘heuristic’ means to enable someone to learn things on their own.
  • Anti Malware: The Anti Spy app proficiently detects malware. Malware refers to software that is specifically designed to corrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system or multiple such systems.
  • No rooting required: Advanced protection does not require you to unlock the bootloader or to root your phone.
  • Whitelist: The user can add trusted apps to an exception list so that it does not flag the same thing several times while it’s scanning for spyware and malware.
  • It can detect the spy apps that have components for monitoring the user inside them. Detection of spies, SMS, and GPS trackers as well as monitoring apps is also done.


With PROTECTSTAR’s Anti Spy app on Android, you do not have to fear infecting your phone with spyware, malware, or trojans anymore. No more fearing the security loopholes of Android. You will totally lose track of the fact that your phone was susceptible to cyberespionage or data theft once you install PROTECTSTAR’s Anti-Spy app on your phone and start using it.