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APK: Are APK files harmful? Are APK files illegal if not downloaded from Google Play Store? What are the advantages of direct APK download on the PROTECTSTAR website?

APK files are not illegal in principle. The Google Play Store does nothing else than download an APK and install it.

However, it depends on the sources from which an APK file was downloaded. For example, if an APK file is downloaded directly from the manufacturer's website, it is legal and generally free of malware.

Due to the high commission of 30% to Google, more and more developers offer their apps specifically on their websites and offer other additional advantages.

There are also advantages for enterprise users in terms of distribution and licensing.

It should be noted that some Android users illegally download paid apps on various platforms to use these apps for free.

These APK files on such illegal platforms are modified and mostly infected with spyware and trojans to spy on users and steal their personal information.

The damage here is several times higher than if the user had legally acquired the app.

However, anyone who thinks that this does not happen with approved apps in the Google Play Store is wrong:

Apps infected with spyware and malware, like the Joker Trojan, are found in the Play Store almost every hour. And this is despite the supposedly strict tests by Google.

Millions of users use some apps for a long time before they are recognized as malware.

Our ANTIVIRUS AI Android app also detects many such infections from our users every day through apps downloaded directly from the Play Store.

What advantages does the direct APK download on the PROTECTSTAR website offer?

At PROTECTSTAR, we also offer our Android apps as direct downloads.

This also allows users unrestricted access and license management concerning your MY PROTECTSTAR account.

In addition, the app is not restricted in its functions since (core-) functions are increasingly not permitted in the Play Store, such as the secure deletion of SMS text messages with iShredder Android or the blocking of advertising in our Firewall AI or Adblocker Android.

You don't have to worry about updates either:

Each of our apps checks for new updates and notifies you automatically. Experience has shown that you get the improvements a few days earlier than users in the Play Store.

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