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Can you give me more information about the "malware vaccinations" you use in Antivirus AI?

Malware vaccinations are a new approach to protect your computer and mobile devices from malware attacks. Unlike traditional antivirus scanners that rely on static (signature-)updates to detect new threats, our malware vaccinations use dynamic and proactive techniques to protect against unknown and evolving malware.

With malware vaccinations, your device is equipped to recognize patterns that indicate a malware attack and respond quickly to prevent it from causing harm. This provides a higher level of protection against new and unknown malware and reduces the strain on your device, making it more efficient and longer-lasting.

At the same time it saves energy.

Think of malware vaccinations as a dynamic shield that keeps your device safe and secure without needing constant updates or maintenance. With a malware vaccination, you can be confident that your device is always up-to-date and protected against the latest threats.

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