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I’ve heard that Antivirus AI Android can detect State Trojans like Pegasus and FinSpy. How is this possible?

In general, it is challenging to detect such threats. „State trojans“ are mostly Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). It is an attack in which an unauthorized user gains access to a system or network and remains there for an extended period without being detected.

With the help of our Artificial Intelligence (AI), the AI is learning from different metadata of Antivirus AI Android users and our millions of Anti Spy Android and Firewall Android users in real time, thanks to self-learning algorithms for pattern recognition.

Because of this, Antivirus AI has such a high level of protection that it can even detect unwanted Trojans from government organizations.

Of our more than 5.0 million Android users (as of November 2022), we have 28,458 detections of APTs such as Pegasus, FinSpy, and many more registered, which government organizations and law enforcement agencies widely use.

This is even though most of these users use well-known antivirus apps primarily as their primary solution.

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