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What are your three artificial intelligence-based protection modules, Deep Detective, AI Life Rules, and AI Cloud?

The three protection modules are designed to keep your devices safe and secure.

Deep Detective is our intelligent monitoring system, acting like a firewall. It constantly controls access to your device's sensitive data and uses heuristic methods to report unknown attack attempts, all with over 86 million attack signatures at its disposal.

AI Life Rules are an essential part of our new malware vaccination system. Using Artificial Intelligence, our system automatically creates its own malware rules in real-time to detect new and unknown malware, spyware, and trojans. This ensures that our users are immediately protected against new threats without needing updates.

Finally, our AI Cloud technology combines Deep Detective's capabilities with the power of artificial intelligence and threat extraction techniques. This creates a powerful tool for effective malware detection, providing proactive protection for our users. The cloud-based neural network analyzes apps' behavior for suspicious activity and can even detect unknown threats or zero-day exploits in real time.

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