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Why is the scanning speed of Antivirus AI sometimes slower compared to other antivirus apps?

At Protectstar™, we prioritize the highest level of security for our users. Our Antivirus AI uses a sophisticated Dual Engine system and advanced Artificial Intelligence technology designed to offer comprehensive protection against a broad spectrum of malware threats, including highly sophisticated state-sponsored threats like Pegasus and FinSpy.

  • Dual Engine Technology: This system combines the strengths of two antivirus engines, enhancing detection capabilities where one engine complements the other. This thorough integration can sometimes slow down the scanning process.
  • AI-Enhanced Detection: Our AI technology constantly learns from new threats detected globally. When new malware is identified, it undergoes rigorous analysis in our AI Cloud, ensuring immediate protection against newly discovered threats for all our users.
  • Comprehensive Protection: We accept a trade-off in speed for a robust security protocol. Our approach includes real-time scanning and proactive monitoring with Deep Detective™ technology, which monitors processes based on 126 million attack signatures.
  • Speed vs. Security: While we aim to optimize both, security remains our top priority. We are committed to continually enhancing our scanning algorithms to improve speed without compromising device safety and integrity.
  • Future Improvements: We are actively working on technological advancements to balance speed and security more effectively. Updates that aim for faster scanning times while maintaining high-security standards are part of our ongoing development.

Security vs. Speed: Our Commitment to Your Safety

  • Comprehensive Detection: Fast scanning can sometimes mean superficial scanning. Our approach ensures the detection of even the most cunning and hidden malware by thoroughly analyzing every aspect of your device's software environment.
  • Real-World Consequences: A faster scan might miss critical threats, leading to data theft, privacy breaches, and financial loss. Our comprehensive scanning is designed to mitigate these risks, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Many modern threats are sophisticated and require detailed analysis to detect. Our AI-driven Dual Engine strategy is specifically tailored to identify and neutralize such threats.


We are dedicated to optimizing our scanning processes to enhance speed without sacrificing security. Protectstar™ stands by its promise to deliver the most secure antivirus solution. If you experience significant delays or have further questions about our scanning process, please get in touch with our Support Heroes at

We are here to help ensure your experience with Antivirus AI meets your expectations.

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