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Growing user numbers worldwide: Protectstar on course for success with security solutions

August 26, 2020
Protectstar has 3 million users worldwide - and growing. Because of the enormous growth figures in the mobile Internet, access to the networked world is becoming increasingly more accessible through smartphones and tablets. This harbors dangers, as many users make themselves vulnerable to attack by their careless behavior on the World Wide Web. This development is particularly visible in terms of the demand for security solutions that go beyond typical virus scanners.

"We are noticing that more and more users are female, between 25 and 44 years old. Apps that protect against unwanted access, usually by the ex-partner, are particularly in demand among this target group. ", says Chris Bohn, SEO of Protectstar. 
Protectstar has made a name for itself in this sector with innovative solutions such as Anti Spy, Camera Guard™, and Micro Guard™.

150,000 new users every month
Protectstar continues to consolidate its national and international position in the field of Internet security. This is demonstrated by the increase in customers since the beginning of 2020, with one million new customers acquired through the use of the App Anti Spy Android alone. And around 150,000 unique users are added every month - with a strong upward trend.

Protectstar will increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI) in the future 
The continuous further development of the apps is essential. It will be taken to a new level by including artificial intelligence. Based on the intelligent Deep Detective™ technology and the Protectstar™ AI CLOUD, a powerful tool has been developed to protect against a variety of state-of-the-art hacker attacks and fraudulent elements.

"In terms of demand and success, the figures prove us right. The inclusion of artificial intelligence makes our security solutions even more innovative," says Chris Bohn "Our customers very much welcome this technical development.“ 
An interesting feature of the website is the Protectstar™ AI Threat Map. This map displays the threat analyses of Protectstar users found in real-time through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).


Protectstar™ is a cybersecurity company founded in 2004 by Chris Bohn. The company's portfolio includes security solutions for all standard operating systems and specialized applications for mobile devices. 
With Protectstar's innovative cybersecurity solutions, the company serves more than 5,000,000 customers worldwide. Trusted by private users, famous companies, and governments around the globe.

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About Protectstar Inc.:
Protectstar™ is an innovative cybersecurity company founded in 2004 by Chris Bohn. Over 7 million private users, leading companies from various industries, the military, government agencies and, last but not least, manufacturers in the IT security industry rely on Protectstar™ security solutions.

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Mariah A. Bears
PR Manager