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In memory of Maxim: Protectstar™ mourns the loss of its Head of Design

In memory of Maxim: Protectstar™ mourns the loss of its Head of Design
April 19, 2022

We mourn the unexpected death of our Head of Design, Maxim Dernovoy (Maksym Dernovyi).

Maxim's family circle announced that the designer passed away due to a sudden heart attack on April 28. He was only 33 years old.

Maxim Dernovoy is a Ukrainian citizen and was born in 1988. He lived in Kyiv with his wife and family. He was very fond of animals and loved his cat Baffy more than anything. Unfortunately, due to the Ukraine war and the latest developments, he and his family had to flee to the country's west. Terrible images and experiences have shaped him in recent weeks. Unfortunately, Maxim's and his wife's dream of living one day in New York could no longer be realized.

Maxim accepted an open position as a designer at Protectstar™ in 2016 and, within a few years, worked his way up to the company's Head of Design. He designed the face of Protectstar™ and played a key role in the company's success.

His colleagues appreciated the friendly and direct way he dealt with him, and Maxim always defended his opinion on new design ideas. He liked to take the time to try new, crazy and innovative things. Everyone has always enjoyed working with him and learning from him.

"The world has lost an amazing human being, a husband, a son, and a friend. Those who have had the privilege of knowing and working with Maxim have lost a close and inspiring friend. Our thoughts and hearts are with his family. Maxim leaves a huge void, but his spirit and soul will always remain in our hearts. Thank you for the six years together," says his good friend Chris Bohn, CEO of Protectstar™ Inc.

About Protectstar Inc.:
Protectstar™ is an innovative cybersecurity company founded in 2004 by Chris Bohn. Over 7 million private users, leading companies from various industries, the military, government agencies and, last but not least, manufacturers in the IT security industry rely on Protectstar™ security solutions.

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Mariah A. Bears
PR Manager