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New Business Edition of Data Shredder iOS: Wipe multiple iOS devices at a time

February 02, 2018
Protectstar is proud to release the new Business edition of Data Shredder for iOS, their data erasing utility that securely wipes data on any iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Any company administrator can simply connect employees' iOS devices to a Mac, and efficiently delete all data from the iPhone's or iPad's.

Data Shredder for iOS „Business Edition" surpasses international standards used by state and military organizations in secure deletion. Each algorithm has been analyzed by authorities and independent organizations to make sure it really does what it says on the tin – data destruction beyond redemption. It takes just three simple steps to prepare your company's iOS devices for selling or recycling using patented security standards, making it impossible to recover any deleted data.

With the award-winning freespace erase option in Data Shredder for iOS Business edition the company admin can also wipe the unused disk space securely so that deleted data cannot be recovered.

The new Business edition of Data Shredder for iOS offers 18 erasing algorithms in total, and is available in the two editions to securely delete from 10 to up to unlimited connected iOS devices at a time. It includes an audit deletion report for company users.

Data Shredder for iOS Business edition includes:
* Compatibility with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models
* Compatible with all iOS versions
* Wipe multiple iOS devices at a time
* Securely wipes empty disk space (freespace erase)
* Completely erases all data on the device
* Secure deletion of temporary junk data
* Includes the new 4-cycles Protectstar Advanced Secure Deletion Algorithm (2017)
* Includes 1 year of technical support and free upgrades
* Secure Deletion Report
* 24/7 technical support via e-Mail
* Additional military level deletion algorithms
* An integrated secure file explorer

Data Shredder iOS Business uses certified deletion algorithms, including: DoD 5220.22-M ECE, DoD 5220.22-M, HMG Infosec No.5, US Army AR380-19, NATO standard, US Navy NAVSO P-5239-26 (MFM & RLL), USAF AFSSI-5020 and Canadian CSEC ITSG-06.

Both Business editions have integrated the high-secure Advanced Secure Deletion Algorithm developed by Protectstar Inc. The new deletion method also encrypts the data sectors completely using the 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Algorithm) and uses high-quality random numbers generated based on Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

Supported iOS devices:
All iPhone models (from iPhone 1 to iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X). All iPad models (from iPad, iPad mini to iPad Pro). All iPod touch models. All iOS versions (from iOS1 to iOS11).

Data Shredder for iOS Business Edition starts at just $349.00 USD and available through the Protectstar Online Shop.

About Protectstar Inc.:
Protectstar™ is an innovative cybersecurity company founded in 2004 by Chris Bohn. Over 7 million private users, leading companies from various industries, the military, government agencies and, last but not least, manufacturers in the IT security industry rely on Protectstar™ security solutions.

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Mariah A. Bears
PR Manager