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Protectstar™ Presents Technological Update for Android Apps Antivirus AI and Anti Spy

September 14, 2023
Protectstar™ unveils significant advancements with its new technology updates for Antivirus AI and Anti Spy. Both apps leverage continuously learning artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance malware detection capabilities. These advanced AI features now enable the detection of Android malware and spyware and a broad spectrum of malware affecting Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

Adaptive Defense Mechanisms:

Antivirus AI is distinguished by its adaptive model in malware detection. It can identify traditional Android malware and more complex threats like APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), often deployed by government entities. Complementing this, Anti Spy's refined AI Life Rules provide a more accurate detection of espionage attempts, reducing false positives.

Proactive Protection Worldwide:

Drawing inspiration from medical approaches, Protectstar™ adopts the principle of dynamic defense. Through pattern recognition, users receive effective protection against emerging and unknown malware threats. Central to this strategy is the "malware vaccination" approach. For instance, should a threat be detected in Paris, the Protectstar™ AI Cloud immediately undertakes a real-time analysis of suspicious metadata. Swift protective measures are rolled out to all Protectstar™ users globally upon threat confirmation. Additionally, as of September 2023, Antivirus AI, bolstered by the robust Deep Detective™ technology, has pinpointed 39,962 state-sponsored Trojans.

Updates Now Available:

The latest iterations, Antivirus AI v1.4.2 (1077) and Anti Spy v5.1.2 (5025) are now accessible. Users running older versions can seamlessly update their apps at no cost via the Protectstar™ website or the Google Play Store.

About Protectstar Inc.:
Protectstar™ is an innovative cybersecurity company founded in 2004 by Chris Bohn. Over 7 million private users, leading companies from various industries, the military, government agencies and, last but not least, manufacturers in the IT security industry rely on Protectstar™ security solutions.

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Mariah A. Bears
PR Manager