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Protectstar Test Lab honors A-Squared Anti Malware 4.5 with the Protectstar AWARD 2009

September 16, 2009
Miami, FL, USA 16.09.2009 - Protectstar Inc., an independent and globally operating company for IT and communication security, has given the Protectstar™ AWARD 2009 to A Squared Anti Malware 4.5

The latest version 4.5 of A-Squared Anti Malware from Emsi Software - leading European provider of behavior analysis technology for analyzing software, especially Malware - was awarded the Protectstar Award 2009 for its outstanding total performance.
The a-squared engine was originally developed for recognition of Spyware and Trojans and achieved a certain level of recognition in this area. The engine also detects Cookies and Spyware. The second engine specializes in the detection of Viruses, Worms and other types of Malware.

"However, Emsi Software went one step further and also integrated a third line of defense in their protection system: Behavior recognition" said Mr. Oliver Rosenow from Protectstar Test Lab.

The evaluation focused on the following test criteria: security, user-friendliness, performance, the price/equipment ratio and support.

The test report is available free for download from or

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Mariah A. Bears
PR Manager