iLocker™ for Mac®

Lock your apps with a password
and protect your data smartly.

Prevent others from using apps

With iLocker™ you can make your Mac not only even more safe but also more flexible if you share your Mac with others. It password protects each app such as Apple Mail, Photos, Contacts, Safari, Games from unauthorized access.

Password Please!

You simply choose the apps that need to be protected and iLocker keeps them secure. It tracks failed access attempts of protected apps - so you will know precisely when failed access attempts were made with an exact time and date.

The build-in automatic exit-feature locks protected apps after a period of inactivity when you are away from the keyboard to further increase your security.

Unlock your apps with Touch ID

iLocker supports Apple Touch ID on Macbook Pro so you can unlock your apps in an instant. Quickly access your protected apps like system settings, Apple Mail, Games or locked notes - all with the touch of your finger.

Helping parents to protect their children.
Allow or deny access.

You can allow your children to access some apps such as specific games, Safari and more, but you can restrict access to other apps like Apple Mail, Photos, your private files or the system preferences.

iLocker™ allows users to share their computer or leave it unattended, while being assured that sensitive apps can not be accessed.

For all of your Apps.

Every app can be password protected with ease and is monitored smartly.

Protection against hackers
and (un)known threats

The Deep Detective™ is an intelligent detective that observes all accesses to your protected macOS® apps, files and folders. Additionally it reports known, and thanks to modern heuristic methods, also unknown hacker attack attempts.

Set a Schedule

With iLocker™ you can set a schedule to unlock specific apps and to limit the time that each app is available.

For example: After school (2:00-6:00pm) or not after 8:00 pm.
Best of all, it works automatically - even when you're not there.

Set a Schedule

Smart Ransomware Protection

Using the latest technology, the smart Deep Detective is constantly monitoring and protecting critical system areas and your personal data with an additional layer of prevention against Mac encrypting ransomware attacks like KeRanger and more.

System Requirements

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems for Software

  • Mac OS 10.11 or higher (OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, Mojave)

Minimal Hardware Requirements

  • Minimal system requirements of the operation system

  • 70 MB free hard drive space

  • Internet connection for updates and activation

  • Compatible with all models of MacBook, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro and Mac Pro


  • English, German

Features - Professional Edition

Features - Professional Edition
  • Securely protect Apps with a password

  • Securely monitor personal data such as files and folders

  • Allow children access to specific games and applications

  • Set a schedule for each app or all apps to allow unblocked usage for specific days and times.

  • Pop-Ups regarding security breaches

  • Logfile protocol keeps tracking when someone tries to start protected apps.

  • Deep Detective protection against known and unknown attack attempts incl. smart ransomware protection

  • Supports Apple Touch ID on lastest Macbook Pro.

  • incl. 1 year technical support and free upgrades

  • 24/7 Support by email