iLocker™ Secure Notes

Lock your Notes and Keep them Private

iLocker™ Secure Notes

Write Notes securely and with ease.

The new iLocker™ Secure Notes App, makes it easy and implements the highest level of security to write private notes, and even record voice memos.
All personal notes are automatically encrypted, can be clearly organized, and assigned to individual categories. In this way, the importance of a written note can also be quickly captured in color.

  • AES-256

  • Dictation Machine

  • Self-Destruction

  • Deep Detective™

AES-256 bit Encryption. Military style.

AES-256 bit Encryption. Military style.

iLocker™ Secure Notes is a powerful encryption app that encrypts your notes using the 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. This encryption technology is one of the most impregnable available today and is used to encrypt top secret government, industrial and military documents.

The encryption process is carried out right in your device, and its symmetrical cryptography guarantees that your notes can be only accessed by you.

Safe dictation machine:
Record important moments

The integrated dictation machine is the ideal companion to securely record important moments. It can be used as a regular voice recorder to record voice memos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, and more.

The minimalistic design allows easy usability, and offers a high-quality recording experience.

Safe dictation machine: Record important moments
In case of emergency: self-destruction

In case of emergency: self-destruction

Even in an emergency, your private notes and voice recordings are safe. If the Android smartphone gets lost or stolen, all data will be automatically destroyed after 5 invalid password attempts.

This not only deletes the data, but also securely erase the entire note safe with certified deletion algorithms. The extinguishing technologies for this feature, comes from the award-winning and popular iShredder™.

A smart hacker protection:
Deep Detective™

In 2016, with Deep Detective™ we have created an intelligent detective, who monitors all access - similar to a firewall - only much smarter.

In iLocker™ Secure Notes, the Deep Detective™ protection module permanently controls which process is currently accessing the encrypted data of your notes safe. It also reports known (and thanks to modern heuristic methods) it also reports unknown attacks.

A smart hacker protection: Deep Detective™

Guaranteed: No backdoors

The data is encrypted directly on the device, and symmetrical cryptography guarantees that only the user himself can access his notes. Without or forgotten password, the notes can no longer be accessed or the private data decrypted. In addition, the passcode is not stored on the device.

ProtectStar™ guarantees that no backdoors or master passwords are hidden in iLocker™. For reasons of transparency, the symmetric encryption algorithm used is provided as a download for your own analysis.

The app is free and with one In-app-purchase
you can get all Premium features

  • Write private Notes with the highest level of safety

  • Integrated voice (dictation) recorder

  • Notes and Voice memos are encrypted with AES-256 bit incredible military encryption

  • Amazing organization and sorting of notes

  • The importance of a written note can also be quickly captured in color

  • In case of emergency: self-destruction after 5 invalid password attempts

  • Guaranteed no backdoors or master passwords! Open Source code of the symmetric encryption algorithm provided as download

  • Automatic display protection

  • 24/7 Support via e-Mail from our Support Heroes

  • PREMIUM: Deep Detective™ protection module detects unknown attacks, even within the notes vault

  • PREMIUM: Extended Hacker Protection with Intruder Selfie feature

  • PREMIUM: Store unlimited Notes and Voice Memos