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How your bee sponsorship makes a difference

How your bee sponsorship makes a difference
December 12, 2023

Are you ready to make a real difference? With a bee sponsorship, you can do just that! At the Kleine Schwarzwaldimkerei (means: The small Black Forest apiary), a shining example of sustainable and environmentally friendly beekeeping, you can now take action and help the bees directly under their wings.
Although bees are known for their tireless work, they face enormous challenges today. The use of chemical pesticides in conventional agriculture and biodiversity loss put them under severe pressure. Added to this is the threat posed by the Asian hornet, which has spread to some parts of the Black Forest in Germany.


Your contribution as a bee sponsor: for just 1.00 US$
With your sponsorship, you can actively support the bees of the Kleine Schwarzwaldimkerei for a whole week for just one single dollar. In concrete terms, you help save at least 300 bees and even protect 800 bees from the Asian hornet. In addition, you promote the pollination of numerous wild plants and support the ecological practices of our certified organic beekeeping.

We cordially invite you to the annual bee sponsor meeting to thank you for your support. There, you will gain an insight into the work of the beekeepers, be able to look over the shoulders of Bea Zotti and Axel Kull and learn how organic honey is produced sustainably. Of course, you can also taste our delicious, certified organic honey straight from the Black Forest.


About the „kleine Schwarzwaldimkerei“
Bea Zotti and Axel Kull, the hearts and souls behind Kleine Schwarzwaldimkerei, are committed to bee-friendly and natural beekeeping. Their approach categorically rules out the use of toxic chemicals, promotes biodiversity, and positively impacts our climate. The bee colonies live in natural areas, which reduces the honey yield somewhat but ensures much more environmentally friendly production.

The two beekeepers take care to support the bees in their natural behavior. They do not mutilate the queen, extract the honey exclusively from unhatched combs, and do not use ultra-filtration. This keeps the honey as natural as possible. They also use wooden hives instead of polystyrene to ensure an optimal climate in the beehives.


Your contribution counts
By becoming a bee sponsor, you not only help ensure the quality of organic honey but also contribute to protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity. Be part of this vital movement and join us in creating a better world for our busy bees!

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