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I have hackers on my phone. I want to know who hacked my device. Who hacked my Android device?

We can imagine how painful and frustrating it is to be spied on and have hackers manipulate your life.

We do not know who hacked you and why, but we have some tools to protect you against hackers, trojans, malware, and other cybersecurity attacks.

With our two apps FIREWALL AI Android and ANTIVIRUS AI Android, you can find out what's happening on your smartphone.

The hackers need access to your device. Otherwise, he cannot communicate with your smartphone.

Because of this, the attacker must have already infiltrated your device with a trojan or installed a backdoor.

Your first layer of protection should be the Firewall AI Android to see which apps connect to the internet and even try to send personal data to the potential attacker.

Please check the logs of the Firewall AI. You can easily block such outgoing connections with one touch or find out where the possible attacker is located on a visual map.

The integrated artificial intelligence modules continuously learn about your Android device's connections.

Your second layer of protection should be Antivirus AI Android. It scans your device for potential malware, RAT (remote access trojans), and other spyware. Together with artificial intelligence technologies, it can even detect unknown malware.

This should help you to find out who hacked your device and keeps hackers out.

For more information and tips on how to protect your device from hackers, please see our FAQ at

If you're still unable to resolve the issue or are concerned about your personal or financial information, don't hesitate to contact the authorities.

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