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I believe my Android phone is hacked. I think that hackers are controlling my device. Can you please help?

Sorry to hear. We get this kind of e-mail multiple times daily, and we cannot investigate every case.

Please ask yourself: Why do you believe hackers are controlling your device? Do you have proof? Which one? Is it a hacker or an app that infected your device with a trojan horse or spyware? 

If the device crashes, please check if you can update your apps or firmware.

If you have proof that a hacker is hacking your device or if you're infected with malware, please download first our ANTIVIRUS AI Android and FIREWALL AI Android apps.

With both apps, you can analyze what is going on on your device. Please check the Firewall logs over the day.

What can we recommend to you:

1. Do a full factory reset of your mobile phone

2. If you configure your mobile as a new device, please use new strong passwords.

3. If the mobile phone is ready, please change your passwords (e-Mail accounts, internet router, wifi hotspot, social media accounts, etc.). Use new passwords and add numbers and characters, such as !*#.

4. Only install apps on the mobile device you really need. Use a good antivirus scanner. How about something different than Symantec or Mcafee? How about Eset, Dr.Web, or Kaspersky?

And please use our Anti Spy, Firewall AI, and Camera Guard app to close all security gaps.

5. If done, you should think about your laptop/computer. It can be infected, so you should install the Windows/Mac computer completely new.

(back up your necessary data on an external hard drive).

Contact the authorities: If you cannot resolve the issue on your own or feel that your personal or financial information has been compromised, don't hesitate to contact the police for assistance.

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