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Is the fight against cybercrime already a lost cause?

April 08, 2009

Is the fight against cybercrime already a lost cause?

Miami, FL, USA, April 8, 2009 - Protectstar™ Inc., an independent and globally operating company for IT and communication security, plans to conduct an internal study aimed at answering the question: Is the fight against cybercrime already a lost cause?

The cybercrime situation is worsening virtually every day as enterprises, government organizations and computer users seek to keep up with the various threats in cyberspace. This has prompted Protectstar™ Inc., in cooperation with Protectstar™ Research and Protectstar™ Test Lab, to address this issue in the coming months by analyzing and evaluating the IT security products of over 40 vendors.

The study aims to shed light on current and future cyberthreats, as well as protective measures against them such as virus scanners, firewalls, proactive protective mechanisms, and intrusion prevention, to name but a few.

The study will mainly focus on the methods used by modern IT security products such as malware scanners and proactive protective mechanisms to deal with professional malware.

"The IT security industry is the only sector that has the capacity to protect itself and others against criminal activities in the cyber-underground. Moreover, wide-ranging observations have shown that there is a clear need for action to an extent that has yet to be determined," notes Protectstar™ CEO Christopher Bohn.

It is essential that the answer to the question posed by the study - i.e. has the information technology industry already lost the war against cybercrime? - be a resounding no, because otherwise there will be no stopping cyber-crime.

Once the study results have been released, they will be posted at

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Protectstar™ is an innovative cybersecurity company founded in 2004 by Chris Bohn. Over 7 million private users, leading companies from various industries, the military, government agencies and, last but not least, manufacturers in the IT security industry rely on Protectstar™ security solutions.

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Mariah A. Bears
PR Manager